Pro’s vs Cons

Let’s play a game, let’s play Pro’s vs Cons this weeks subject:




  • no more f’in snow
  • chirping birds
  • green EVERYWHERE, green lawns, green leaves, green, green, green.
  • colour
  • lovely smelling flowers
  • the smell of freshly cut grass
  • bbq’s and the yummy smells
  • warm temps
  • sweating at 8:30 am!
  • shorts and sandles
  • the beach
  • outdoor patios
  • long walks


  • droughts
  • chirping birds that start at 4 am on your day off grrrr
  • sunburns which lead to sun stroke and puking
  • people that wear sandles with socks
  • girls that really should not wear tank tops
  • people that don’t shave
  • people that play there music too loud when there car tops are down
  • no air conditioning
  • drunk people at the outdoor patios
  • having to make sure your socks match when wearing running shoes with shorts



Day 24 is going to be late because….

Day 24

A song that you have danced with, with your best friend. This one is going to be late because I’m just on my way down to this:

And, I am meeting with one of my newest besties, and we shall partake @ the beer tent in this beautiful sun shiny day and there shall be lots and lots of dancing, so that we can embarrass our children!


However I will leave you this video that my kids and I used to listen too all the time in the car with my dad (grandpa) when we were road tripping for Big C’s hockey tournaments 🙂




Day 7 of 25 Songs in 25 Days & I nailed it!

First off I nailed my interview yesterday for the new Target store opening up in my city and was offered a position on the spot! Now to just pass my criminal check and all systems are a go! Big C has her interview on Thursday, so please keep your fingers crossed for her!

Now to Day 7 of this lovely challenge brought to us by Mr. Twin Daddy.

A song that reminds you of the past summer.

Ohhhh lordy that’s a hard one. Last summer I was living with the ex, while I enjoyed living out in the country I was constantly on pins and needles trying to make him happy and being everything he wanted. I was slowly becoming isolated and not being the person that I used to be.

This song describes the narcissistic prick to the tee and I hope he’s happy living in his little dream world. I like to think that one day he will realize what he’s lost when it comes to me but in reality narcissists never do. Meh,,life goes on.

Have a great day 🙂

I will be so glad when August is done.

Yaaayyyy,,,it’s friday,,we made it 🙂

Thank friggen god that today is my last day of typing class. I can NOT wait to go back to my regular scheduled schooling, next modular is the Cardiovascular system,should be easy enough when I took my Dental Assisting course we did lots on that system.

Ok, back on topic.

I will be glad when this month is done, mostly because I am done with birthdays. Apparently August in bf’s family is Birthday month, first was his bday, then his daughter’s she shall be called “T” she turned 17, then grand baby “boy” he turned 4, then his blessed son “J” turned 15.  This weekend bf wants to have a “combined” bday dinner for both of his kids, no problem, except his daughter doesn’t really want to be here, she would rather be out with her friends. I don’t really blame her as I’ve come to see and he has even verbalized to me, that his son is his “favourite” of all his kids and, he shows it by showering him in musical gifts almost every other week.


Just in these past 3 weeks he has bought this kid, 2 drums for his drum kit, along with a cymbal, cowbell & stand, a electric guitar (it was from a pawn shop but, still it counts) and I am just waiting to see what he comes home with for this boy today or tomorrow,,,,I will keep you all updated. (oh, and he’s picking up a $50.00 gift card for “T” for the local mall as her present, nice eh?)

When, it comes to his kids and his favouritsm,I keep my mouth shut. 

  1.  Because they are not my kids,,his ex can talk to him about it, if she feels it’s a problem.
  2. These kids are older, and can express their feelings to him.
  3. They are basically good kids, are respectful and nice to me, so why rock the boat. If they want to talk to me about it,,I will be here.
  4. Because he is stubborn and will have to learn the hard way, his oldest daughter “A” 25, never comes around. And, I don’t expect her too anytime soon, since, he bailed on going to his own grandson’s bday party. He didn’t even send a card.

Enough of that,

I will also be glad that this month is done because, this summer has basically not been so great. It has been cold and rainy most of the time, which made the mosquito’s come out real bad,,and I’m allergic to their bites, my legs have been a mess which mean I have worn pants a majority of the time.

I left this one tho,,,thanks little squirrel or birdie for dropping a seed in my garden!

I left this one tho,,,thanks little squirrel or birdie for dropping a seed in my garden!

The cool rainy weather was good tho for my flower beds,,,they took off and were beautiful. However, yesterday I had to pull the last of the annuals out because they got frost bitten, in fact with the cool nights and warm days, some of the leaves on the tree’s around here are changing to a nice bright red and gold.

I’m ready for the fall and winter and the holidays that come with them. I love the smells, foods and decorating the house for these times.

Call me crazy, but I’m done with summer. How about you?