Welcome to my new place!

Hi there friends:

Welcome to my new blog!

Many of you that are visiting, are invited friends from my other blog that is still in existence.

If your new WELCOME!

My reason for starting a new blog is that I feel that I have lately been wanting to write about things that are more personal to me. And for that I have chosen to keep my picture and names secret. I have too many friends, schoolmates, family, children and a boyfriend that know about my “other” blog and because I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings I have found that I am always watching what I say or what I post about, which has been resulting in me not having much to talk or vent about, lol.

As most of you know,,,I like to bitch and complain about stupid people in my little world. I also want to vent about things going on in my life,,such as bf, school, family, past relationships and how I came to be the person I am now.

Anyways,,,WELCOME TO MY NEW PAD!!    Grab a seat,,,and a glass of red wine from my large box of wine in the fridge, make yourself comfortable and come back often!!