Online dating etiquette….


Ok, people I think I’m just about ready to put myself out there again.

Just for dating,,no long term relationships but to just get out there and meet new people and men.

But just how to do this is the question?

I don’t like to go to dance clubs or loud bars and at my age they just seem to have lots of overaged wannabe’s and drunkards.

I could go to the pub,,,but I feel all weird sitting at the bar by myself and it’s a bit costly.

So I decided to go the way all the “cool” kids are going and that’s the online dating way. Now, I’m not exactly “clueless” to this, I have been on a few in the past.

I have been on and most that got in touch with me were thos catfish Nigerians,,,no thanks. Plus, I don’t feel the need to pay to meet someone.

So, I made a profile on POF (Plenty of Fish).


My question to you my friends is what is the proper etiquette on who exactly makes the first move. Is it proper for the man to message a woman or is it ok for the woman to take the “plunge” and message the man?

What are the “rules” and what are some of your go to “ice breakers of pick up lines”???

Give it to me, my people!


Rye, baby oil and a music montage……….

Yep,,,,,that’s what helps a waning relationship I tell ya!

I’m not always pissed at bf. You wouldn’t know that tho because of how often I bitch about him on here, this is just my place where I vent what I sometimes find myself thinking.

We are going thru a small heat waver here, so last night when I got home from school and bf got home from work we both had a glass of our fav beverage, my choice the last of my red wine and club soda and his was a rye and sprite.

Rye tends to make bf all lovey dovey, romantic and horny,lol.

Last night was no different those rye drinks seemed to go down just right for him. So good that he decided that we had to listen to some oldies but goodies, we live in the country and the good thing about that is we can play the stereo as loud as we want, and we have a kick ass system to support that. Here is just some tracks we decided on:

We  started with a 80’s theme,,,,

When we started listening to music bf was just wearing a old pair of gym shorts, once he heard this diddy he went and dressed up in the same “type” of clothes he used to wear when he was the “stud” back at the clubs, lol. He then proceeded to show me how he would dance (he was known as the John Travolta of our town, don’t ya know)!!

He was feeling sooooo good, that he actually let me video tape him, with my iPhone, but alas,,,,I’m still new at it and it didn’t work,,,but trust me it was hilarious!

After a bit we went a little slower:

And thru in some classic Boney M, just for good measure!

By the end of this song,,,bf was really feeling frisky,,we retired to the bedroom,,,the baby oil was brought out of it’s “special” place,,,and momma got a nice massage,,,,bf was happy,,,,and all in all we had a Gushing good time (see what I did there)!! wink, wink 😉

Probably TMI,,,,but it’s my blog so there!

Sooooo,,,this morning,,,,bf left for work with a little extra pep in his step, a big ‘ol smile and a raging headache,,,and I’m currently doing lots of laundry,,,,,hehehehe!

Have a awesome day my peeps!