Got another job.

It’s not anything to write home about,,,the hours are going to suck. But it’s a job that will get us through until I’m done school at the end of February.

In fact I was very lucky to get this job as when I went to hand in my resume it just happened that the General Manager was there to have a meeting with the Store Manager. I had a instant first and second interview, and they said I had the “WOW” factor they are looking for as they saw me talking some senior’s at the table next to mine while I was waiting to meet with them. (they don’t need to know I don’t really like senior’s hehehe jk).

And here’s where it is:



I worked at Wendy’s when I was in highschool, looks like I’ve come full circle as I’m starting in the same position as when I left there 25years ago. Front counter cashier. I wonder how much has changed?

Yep, good ‘ol Dave is gonna be paying my wages again, lol     🙂