You know you live in a small town when……….

I call into my local Radio Station ( which is called  97.7 The Moose ) and play the morning game and Win on the first try! And the prize is a free refill of propane for the bbq tank that I do NOT own, lol, guess mom and dad will reap my winning benefits and I win by getting a bbq dinner. Haha,,win, win.

So our radio station is named after a Moose


It’s also our only option of radio programming, good thing they play mostly what I like 80’s and 90’s music. Unfortunately, I now have no idea what’s on the top ten. Oh wait there is another option,,

The Christian Rock Channel


I know this because sometimes the Moose goes off the air,,and I am forced to listen to this channel, many a early morning I have woken up to my alarm and there is a sermon going full swing on my radio,,,,,,sigh.

Oh wait there’s more,,, so we have radio stations named after our wildlife I know what you are thinking, how much more cra cra can you all get up in there in the Great White North,,,,Oh it gets even better,,,guess what our local bus company is called?

The Trout!trout2

Awww lawd what have I done with my life?!

The winning song was this one by the way, have a great day all!