Day 21:

Your favourite song,,that’s a hard one is it your fave song from when you were a kid, your fave song from yesterday,the weekend, last year. OMG there is soooo many!!!!

I narrowed it down to this one because I always seem to sing along, loud and proud to this wonderful girl.


Mostly I sing along with this tune because that is how I feel about my ex. I know that narcissistic prick will lure someone into his web and he will never be alone. Never mind, because I will find someone that is like you except  this person will be the nothing like you. I know kind of a double standard but I know what I mean, and that’s all that counts. It may be years from now but the one thing that bastard taught me is that I will never just settle for second best anymore. It’s all about me 😉

P.S. haha I was just typing in the word asshole in tags and the word Shaun Cassidy popped up,,NOW that’s funny!