Day 21:

Your favourite song,,that’s a hard one is it your fave song from when you were a kid, your fave song from yesterday,the weekend, last year. OMG there is soooo many!!!!

I narrowed it down to this one because I always seem to sing along, loud and proud to this wonderful girl.


Mostly I sing along with this tune because that is how I feel about my ex. I know that narcissistic prick will lure someone into his web and he will never be alone. Never mind, because I will find someone that is like you except  this person will be the nothing like you. I know kind of a double standard but I know what I mean, and that’s all that counts. It may be years from now but the one thing that bastard taught me is that I will never just settle for second best anymore. It’s all about me 😉

P.S. haha I was just typing in the word asshole in tags and the word Shaun Cassidy popped up,,NOW that’s funny!

Day 7 of 25 Songs in 25 Days & I nailed it!

First off I nailed my interview yesterday for the new Target store opening up in my city and was offered a position on the spot! Now to just pass my criminal check and all systems are a go! Big C has her interview on Thursday, so please keep your fingers crossed for her!

Now to Day 7 of this lovely challenge brought to us by Mr. Twin Daddy.

A song that reminds you of the past summer.

Ohhhh lordy that’s a hard one. Last summer I was living with the ex, while I enjoyed living out in the country I was constantly on pins and needles trying to make him happy and being everything he wanted. I was slowly becoming isolated and not being the person that I used to be.

This song describes the narcissistic prick to the tee and I hope he’s happy living in his little dream world. I like to think that one day he will realize what he’s lost when it comes to me but in reality narcissists never do. Meh,,life goes on.

Have a great day 🙂

Outing Eric Robillard, Le Clown, The Magnificent – the predator with the red nose.

You know when you feel something just isn’t right about someone? I had this feeling about Le Clown and just couldn’t put my finger on what it was.
I am reblogging this as a warning to people, to be very careful of who you trust in the web world, especially people who hide behind masks or in this case makeup.

"As For Me, I am a watercolor

le clown admits

In the not so distant past, I was invited to write a story for Black Box Warnings. It was more of a cross-emailing going on – I’d approached Le Clown first and in his reply, explained that Jen had already spoken to him about me. I was ecstatic. I started blogging a few months ago for one purpose: to get my writing hand back in shape in order to begin the grueling process of writing my memoir about growing up under the fist of a sexually abusive, narcissistic sociopathic mother, and then my life with a drug addicted and drug trafficking father whom I didn’t know until I was almost 16. Up until almost a year ago, I’ve only written and published poetry. My declarations were always hidden behind metaphors.  After I publicly outed my mother on a blog created specifically to house her outing which ultimately went viral…

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Dissection of a NARC’s online dating profile



I am Seeking Woman Victim
For Long term As long as I can victiize you
Needs Test Not Completed Chemistry View his chemistry results
Do you drink? Socially Functioning Alcoholic Do you want children? No
Marital Status Divorced Do you do drugs? NoAlcohol is my drug of choice
Pets No Pets Eye Color Brown
Do you have a car? Yes and don’t ever close the doors the wrong way
Do you have children? Yes But my son is my favorite, my other 2 daughters and grandchildren mean nothing to me.
Longest Relationship Over 10 years Shocking right? I found some poor sucker that stayed so long.

Music Movies Summer
Boating Hockey Nascar
Bon fires Hot summer nights Walks in the bush in the summer
Anything we can do outside in the summer
About Me Rule #1 it’s always all about ME.
I am a kind and good hearted guy, I do not like playing head games. Haha,,another joke,,,I only play head games.
I live alone in my house in the country, Don’t worry that every SINGLE upgrade to this old house has been funded by the last 2 woman in my life,,,you will definately get the chance to contribute.
The summer is my favorite time of year, sitting around the bonfire with friends(nevermind that I don’t have any) listening to music, classic rock mostly, and having couple(aka copius amounts until I am staggering,and start singing at the top of my lungs like a moron to these stupid old songs,,,oh and you are required to tell me how super awesome I am) of drinks on a warm night.
I love to cook, BBQ’s are the best, I BBQ all year round. Nevermind, that I only cook the same thing all the time,,and you are to NOT add any spice at all to mine OR your meal,,,because I am the man and if that’s how I like then you must like it that way too.
Yes I am 51 but people meeting me for the first time think I’m 40 ( have all my hair (and teeth..lol) and no grey). Your only as old as you feel. I do however smoke like a chimney and my teeth are all yellow and I smell like shit. I will repeatedly bitch to you behind closed doors how old I feel, you must stroke my ego and in public rave about how lucky you are to have a older man that doesn’t look his age and he wears you out in the bedroom **wink, wink,,,because afterall, I expect sex EVERY single day,,and for you to perform on me whenever I so choose.
Laughter IS the best medicine. I guess that’s why I am in good health……Even tho I had many warning strokes this past summer, and was told to stop smoking ASAP,,,those silly stupid Dr.’s are all wrong.Instead,,my prescription is to increase my smoking. They also are totally wrong saying that I need a sleep apnea machine,,I don’t deserve to have my license suspended because they feel so strongly about it. They are all wrong.
My son plays guitar and is in a band that plays classic rock. He brings a guitar out when we have bonfires and plays and sings. He is my most favorite child,,,and doesn’t care that I make him do this.
I enjoy going out to pub type bars with local bands playing and love to dance.It doesn’t matter that this was 20years ago. I will promise to take you out to dinner all the time,,,but I just say that,,I never really will.
I work full time at a job I really enjoy.They couldn’t run the company without me. They better hope I never quit,,because the whole million dollar company would surely fall apart without me.
I’m into photography and have a good imagination for taking really cool shots. My best shots are of dragon flys having sex and old fashion water pumps. I will print them out and hang them all over my home and yours! You will brag about how awesome I am at all times.
I am looking for that special gal to spend quality time with and possibly a long term relationship with. Until of course your either broke, now longer serve my needs or question my absolute awesomeness. 
Could this be you? Could you be my next victim?
Talk soon. I mean, you will listen, obey and worship me soon.