You know you live in a small town when……….

I call into my local Radio Station ( which is called  97.7 The Moose ) and play the morning game and Win on the first try! And the prize is a free refill of propane for the bbq tank that I do NOT own, lol, guess mom and dad will reap my winning benefits and I win by getting a bbq dinner. Haha,,win, win.

So our radio station is named after a Moose


It’s also our only option of radio programming, good thing they play mostly what I like 80’s and 90’s music. Unfortunately, I now have no idea what’s on the top ten. Oh wait there is another option,,

The Christian Rock Channel


I know this because sometimes the Moose goes off the air,,and I am forced to listen to this channel, many a early morning I have woken up to my alarm and there is a sermon going full swing on my radio,,,,,,sigh.

Oh wait there’s more,,, so we have radio stations named after our wildlife I know what you are thinking, how much more cra cra can you all get up in there in the Great White North,,,,Oh it gets even better,,,guess what our local bus company is called?

The Trout!trout2

Awww lawd what have I done with my life?!

The winning song was this one by the way, have a great day all!                                                       

Pro’s vs Cons

Let’s play a game, let’s play Pro’s vs Cons this weeks subject:




  • no more f’in snow
  • chirping birds
  • green EVERYWHERE, green lawns, green leaves, green, green, green.
  • colour
  • lovely smelling flowers
  • the smell of freshly cut grass
  • bbq’s and the yummy smells
  • warm temps
  • sweating at 8:30 am!
  • shorts and sandles
  • the beach
  • outdoor patios
  • long walks


  • droughts
  • chirping birds that start at 4 am on your day off grrrr
  • sunburns which lead to sun stroke and puking
  • people that wear sandles with socks
  • girls that really should not wear tank tops
  • people that don’t shave
  • people that play there music too loud when there car tops are down
  • no air conditioning
  • drunk people at the outdoor patios
  • having to make sure your socks match when wearing running shoes with shorts


Day 24 is going to be late because….

Day 24

A song that you have danced with, with your best friend. This one is going to be late because I’m just on my way down to this:

And, I am meeting with one of my newest besties, and we shall partake @ the beer tent in this beautiful sun shiny day and there shall be lots and lots of dancing, so that we can embarrass our children!


However I will leave you this video that my kids and I used to listen too all the time in the car with my dad (grandpa) when we were road tripping for Big C’s hockey tournaments 🙂





Day 21:

Your favourite song,,that’s a hard one is it your fave song from when you were a kid, your fave song from yesterday,the weekend, last year. OMG there is soooo many!!!!

I narrowed it down to this one because I always seem to sing along, loud and proud to this wonderful girl.


Mostly I sing along with this tune because that is how I feel about my ex. I know that narcissistic prick will lure someone into his web and he will never be alone. Never mind, because I will find someone that is like you except  this person will be the nothing like you. I know kind of a double standard but I know what I mean, and that’s all that counts. It may be years from now but the one thing that bastard taught me is that I will never just settle for second best anymore. It’s all about me 😉

P.S. haha I was just typing in the word asshole in tags and the word Shaun Cassidy popped up,,NOW that’s funny!


Hi Folks,

Remember me?

My apologies for not being around for oh let’s see maybe the last 5 weeks or so.

I hit a little slump in blogging, I just really didn’t have much to write about.

So I took a hiatus a 5 freaking week hiatus.

Earlier this week TwinDaddy over at issued this challenge:


Since I’m still in a slump, I figured Meh might as well do this, plus I love me’s some music.

So tune in tomorrow for Day 1!!!

Rye, baby oil and a music montage……….

Yep,,,,,that’s what helps a waning relationship I tell ya!

I’m not always pissed at bf. You wouldn’t know that tho because of how often I bitch about him on here, this is just my place where I vent what I sometimes find myself thinking.

We are going thru a small heat waver here, so last night when I got home from school and bf got home from work we both had a glass of our fav beverage, my choice the last of my red wine and club soda and his was a rye and sprite.

Rye tends to make bf all lovey dovey, romantic and horny,lol.

Last night was no different those rye drinks seemed to go down just right for him. So good that he decided that we had to listen to some oldies but goodies, we live in the country and the good thing about that is we can play the stereo as loud as we want, and we have a kick ass system to support that. Here is just some tracks we decided on:

We  started with a 80’s theme,,,,

When we started listening to music bf was just wearing a old pair of gym shorts, once he heard this diddy he went and dressed up in the same “type” of clothes he used to wear when he was the “stud” back at the clubs, lol. He then proceeded to show me how he would dance (he was known as the John Travolta of our town, don’t ya know)!!

He was feeling sooooo good, that he actually let me video tape him, with my iPhone, but alas,,,,I’m still new at it and it didn’t work,,,but trust me it was hilarious!

After a bit we went a little slower:

And thru in some classic Boney M, just for good measure!

By the end of this song,,,bf was really feeling frisky,,we retired to the bedroom,,,the baby oil was brought out of it’s “special” place,,,and momma got a nice massage,,,,bf was happy,,,,and all in all we had a Gushing good time (see what I did there)!! wink, wink 😉

Probably TMI,,,,but it’s my blog so there!

Sooooo,,,this morning,,,,bf left for work with a little extra pep in his step, a big ‘ol smile and a raging headache,,,and I’m currently doing lots of laundry,,,,,hehehehe!

Have a awesome day my peeps!