Holy Crap!!!!!……….

It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve posted here. It’s not like nothing’s been going on there has been ALOT going on in my life.

Don’t worry, I’m still single not going done THAT road again.

Big C had a big down fall mentally and physically so I’ve been mostly focusing on her getting diagnosed and well again.

Basically she ended up again in the hospital a few times but we have FINALLY gotten a diagnosis she has Fibromyalgia. After many doctor’s, psychiatrists, counsellor, dietician’s we have a diagnosis and a treatment plan!

She is on permanent ODSP which is disability and just recently she did a Skype call with a Dr. in Ottawa who has prescribed her marijuana to manage her pain.

As the result of her fibromyalgia she lost almost 50 pounds drastically and we couldn’t figure out why. She also has, IBS irritable bowel syndrome,, and the depression and anxiety. This is all tied in together with the Fibro.

Anyways she’s on the right track physically and mentally now and GET THIS she has a BOYFRIEND NOW!!!

We will call him Mr. C.  He seems like a nice guy, treats her well all he needs to do now is to get a j.o.b.

Then I will like him even more.

We are still living in the Great White North and I’m still at the same job. And now that Big C has a life and is not home as much I now will have to find some stuff to do for myself now or I may end up staying home and be a “raging alcoholic” lol,,,, This does have a story to it and one day soon I will tell you about it. Let’s just say I work with some prreeetttyy weird people and there is some prreeettyy weird individuals that live in this small town.

Oh and we have a few more furry friends added to our family:


Kipper                          and                               Lola


Ya ya there are certainly a handful but they are worth it!

So let me know of any ideas of some hobbies I should look into,,,,give me all you got!

Happy Canada Day!!!




And that’s how I’m feeling,, Life is Good.

Sorry I haven’t been around,,life’s been busy,,I shall update you all soon!

One note tho,,I just won tickets for me and Big C to go see http://www.classifiedofficial.com/ at a http://www.newmusicfest.ca/ on July 19th,,,,squeeee so super excited check out his classic Rap tribute to our Country!!


Crap now I have to go buy a new gangsta outfit…..Happy Canada Day to my Canadian Friends 🙂


Adult mother daughter love.

Being a mother to a adult daughter now (Big C turned 20 this month), is truly kind of a cool thing.

We watch the same type of shows most timesby this I mean, I endure Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy marathons and Big C endures my trashy Maury/Steve shows, Canada Master Chef and Sunday Coronation Street Marathons.

We wander down to the pub and have a few drinks at least once a week too watch the Hockey game and I get to humiliate her by injecting myself into other people’s conversations with my witty fun wheeling words of inspiration 😉

Being mother and daughter we can have really good fun times, and horrible mean hurtful times, when words are said that cut to the core. There are tears, yelling, hugs and words of encouragement. We are there for each other thru the hard times and for the not so hard times.

We can be silly at home where no one in the real world can see us. Who doesn’t like to play rub your finger in your belly button and put your finger under your mom or daughter’s nose and play “what’s that smell”? Best game in awhile has been the “VAGINA” slap game,,,good times.  I mean really sounds like grand fun right, all moms and daughter’s play these don’t they???

We try each other’s attempts at new recipes and can truthfully let each other no when it’s a complete FAIL!  then throw that shit away and order a pizza or if it’s a financially lean time make a big plate of peanut butter and crackers and a big ‘ol mug of hot chocolate.

One thing I share with my daughter and it’s something I never wanted to share is my anxiety and depression. Sadly my friends this is something we do share. Recently, she went thru a real bad spell, it’s send her back. She had to leave her 1st real job she was so proud of having and the financial independance she had found that comes with it. 

I’m proud to say that now she is on the road to recovery. She has been going constantly to counselling,and is starting to deal with the realities of things in her life she has been avoiding or didn’t see. She is also  now on the meds she had been avoiding giving a chance. Although it has taking some time making adjustments to them,I am now happy and proud to say she is now is back to my sunny happy girl.

I know that my number one job is to be her mother, to set rules, boundaries and guidelines. But damn it sure is nice to have her as a best friend too!


I love you Big C,,,and always will (even tho you eat waaaay to much salsa & chips and never wash the pots).

Love Mom xo

Yaaayyy it’s my Birthday!!!

Today is my birthday and I am so happy to get rid of this last year.

Yaaay,,,I get to work at my new job at our new site doing store set up all day,,,yaayyyy,,,,I have a job!


I deserve cake and I left the hint(s) out for the kids,,before I left for work I left the cake mix, icing AND cake pan on the counter BESIDE the oven. It probably won’t look like the one above but it will be cake and it will be for me!!

There better be a friggen cake,,,that’s all.

Have a good day people 🙂

Three days in….


I saw this the day after New Year's would you try this for a hangover?

I saw this the day after New Year’s would you try this for a hangover?

3 days into 2014 and so far this year is going 10 times better than last year!

Although it is -40 freaking degrees here the sun is shining and the ice fishermen are in there element.

I have some news my friends, the first one is I have a job interview on Monday morning for a new Dollarama store opening up not far from my home. Yes it is just going from one minimum wage job to another but the hours would be bettter and I can probably work it so that I only have to work maybe 2 nights at the Wendy’s a week until Dollarama realizes just how valuable I am they will probably beg me to be there full-time (see positive thinking here, no negative nelly in 2014)!

My second piece of news is that when I went out on New Year’s Eve I sat at a table with a bunch of people and at this table was a guy visiting from out of town with his brother, we hit it off and shared some wings. He asked for my # I gave it too him. I didn’t think too much of it because after all it was New Year’s Eve (everyone was drinking) and he was from out of town (about 45mins away).

Well he texted me yesterday and wants to get to know me better. He has been seperated from his ex wife for 2 years and is just starting to date again so who knows how this may go.

I am in no way rushing into anything AGAIN. I will not change myself to be what another person wants me to be and I will not make any rash decisions. This is my new mantra and I will live by it for now on!

Still, it feels good to know that I am finally moving on.

And now I leave you with some pics I took on a walk I took on New Year’s Day downtown when everything was closed up after the partying the night before.

ny2                                                        ny1





Please send a prayer for my friend.

I’m pretty sure today that a person that at one time was a really good friend and past co-worker of mine,  tried to commit suicide.

She is a very beautiful person on the outside, but struggles with demons on the inside. Anxiety, and depression  she fights every day. Unfortunately, she deals with these struggles with alcohol and illegal drugs.

Today she posted on facebook that she had, had a accident and that she couldn’t get to a phone to call for help. She also posted many pictures of a gaping slash/cut, sadly she posted these pictures and the status from her working phone,,which I guess she forgot that could be used also to call for a ambulance. I wasn’t home and didn’t see the status right away, thankfully someone else did and called a ambulance and contacted her family.

I know that she is in a bad, bad place right now. She graduated college a few months ago but has not been able to find employment and is facing eviction.

I am waiting to hear from her family right now on her status.

Her situation makes me feel thankful for what little I do have.

It’s been tough around here these last few weeks and I had a huge anxiety attack at school this week. I have a measly part time job that will barely cover January’s rent and I have resigned myself that I will have to visit the food bank later this week to make ends meet.

BUT,that’s ok because I have a awesome daughter that continues to amaze me. My child sold her MAC computer today on kijijii,(without my knowledge) the money is to go towards a ticket to visit her girlfriend in Wales next July, but she has entrusted me to put it into my savings account as a cushion in case we need a little help for rent until I finish college in Feb. Having this cushion will make us be able to sleep just a little bit better.

I called my parent’s today and kind of hinted that things are really tough around here right now. In return, I was told how people everywhere are hitting hard times. In the next sentence I heard how excited they are for  their Mexican vacation during the holidays. I hope they have fun.

We have very little, but we have each other, a roof over our heads, heat, light and Christmas movies.

Life is good.

I leave you with a picture of our ghetto Christmas tree,,,,next pay we can get a dollar store angel and tree skirt,, and god willing a gift or two for my girls woohoo!



Yaaayyy, it’s November 1st!

Let the countdown begin,,,, 14 days until I get the keys for my apartment,,14 days until my daughter and I start our adventure together and live happily ever after!


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