So I had this “friend” Part One….

I usually have really good judgement on reading people when I first meet them. The key word here is “usually”.

When I first moved up here I made friends with a few girls at work pretty quickly. One of them declared that we were going to be besties because of my sarcastic and witty attitude. I must modestly say I am a pretty funny girl.


So this “new friend” and I hung out a few times outside of work and I learned a few things about her. One was that she at one time was a drug addict and was still weekly visiting the methadone clinic. Ok, I thought as long as she’s not doing it anymore and she’s working hard on changing her life.Give her a chance. She also liked her drinks and I thought hey, when she’s not at work she’s free to do what she wants with her own time, she’s a big girl.

This new friend is a single mom and has 2 children. One a boy in his early 20’s who she was proud of because he was working full time as a skilled laborer. And she has a beautiful girl who had just started high school and was excelling with great grades.

I also have another friend who we will call “friend #2”, and on one hot summer afternoon I ran into her outside of the Legion where there was some kind of festival was going on with a band playing. She invited me to sit with her and her daughter to enjoy the music and have a few cold beers.

So a few hours later and a few beers later, friend #2, who was and born and raised here, told me some stuff about friend #1 who also was born and raised here.

She confirmed the rumor about the drug activity, but was happy to say that yes friend #1 had worked very hard to get her life in order. Which included working her way up to the full-time position which if I may say is a very hard thing to get in this small town. Friend #2 also told me that friend #1 was going to receive a pretty big inheritance from her grandmother who had recently passed away and friend #1 was planning to buy her first home!

Wow, I thought this girl friend #1 had really worked hard and changed her life I thought. Good for her!

So, when friend #1 asked me to go with her to help her arrange for her first mortgage at the local bank I was honored and quite pleased. Have I mentioned that in the past I worked as a Real Estate Agent?  If not, well yes I did, but that’s a whole other story.

What happened at the bank should have been my first clue………..


Coming soon Part 2….



Holy Crap!!!!!……….

It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve posted here. It’s not like nothing’s been going on there has been ALOT going on in my life.

Don’t worry, I’m still single not going done THAT road again.

Big C had a big down fall mentally and physically so I’ve been mostly focusing on her getting diagnosed and well again.

Basically she ended up again in the hospital a few times but we have FINALLY gotten a diagnosis she has Fibromyalgia. After many doctor’s, psychiatrists, counsellor, dietician’s we have a diagnosis and a treatment plan!

She is on permanent ODSP which is disability and just recently she did a Skype call with a Dr. in Ottawa who has prescribed her marijuana to manage her pain.

As the result of her fibromyalgia she lost almost 50 pounds drastically and we couldn’t figure out why. She also has, IBS irritable bowel syndrome,, and the depression and anxiety. This is all tied in together with the Fibro.

Anyways she’s on the right track physically and mentally now and GET THIS she has a BOYFRIEND NOW!!!

We will call him Mr. C.  He seems like a nice guy, treats her well all he needs to do now is to get a j.o.b.

Then I will like him even more.

We are still living in the Great White North and I’m still at the same job. And now that Big C has a life and is not home as much I now will have to find some stuff to do for myself now or I may end up staying home and be a “raging alcoholic” lol,,,, This does have a story to it and one day soon I will tell you about it. Let’s just say I work with some prreeetttyy weird people and there is some prreeettyy weird individuals that live in this small town.

Oh and we have a few more furry friends added to our family:


Kipper                          and                               Lola


Ya ya there are certainly a handful but they are worth it!

So let me know of any ideas of some hobbies I should look into,,,,give me all you got!

I’m out and now I can’t sleep

It’s 1:52 am and I’m sitting in my children’s father’s living room wide awake. Mostly I think i’m so awake because I fell asleep at 8pm after having so little sleep after the events of the night before. Also, maybe i’m awake because I don’t have to be worried anymore, I’m in a safe place with a very optimistic future.

When I left yesterday, I left a note to the ex, that I would have the movers there next month on the 16th, and to please make sure he was there (I want him there so he can’t accuse me of taking any of his precious crap), I didn’t tell him where I was going, just that I had found a place to stay until my apt is ready.

Shortly, after I left and was with my kids and their dad,,I found myself thinking/warning myself of things not to do, things that the ex was always complaining about for example,,,older daughter got into the car and slammed the door as teens do, inside I cringed,,,don’t slam the door it upsets ex,,,,

Watching tv,,I realized my kids were asking my opinion on what to watch and I realized it was ok to give suggestions, I found myself joking with my girls and later when I was tucked into bed with my older daughter,,I found myself giggling with her over a Family Guy episode (I was never aloud to watch that crap at ex’s) and it felt good to laugh and feel happy again.

I have another job interview tomorrow it’s for a seasonal position at a Hallmark store so that’s good, and I’m now reunited with my kitty:

She doesn't like her picture taken,

She doesn’t like her picture taken, scaredy cat.

Most people that I talked too today, are concerned that he will take his anger and revenge out on what little I have left at his place. I truly think and know that he won’t do anything to it,,,mostly because it would inconvenience him to have to make the effort to get rid of my stuff and also because he knows that I will tell his friends and neighbours and that would make him look like the “bad guy”. Also, I don’t really care if he takes his anger out on it, because it’s just stuff and stuff can be replaced with newer stuff.

True to the Narcissistic character descriptions that I have  read I have not heard one word from him,,,I’m gone, he doesn’t care because life simply revolves around him, he truly believes that everyone is wrong and out to get him. I hope he enjoys living in his little wonderful, perfect world.

I pity the next unsuspecting woman who enters that world.