I hate being a hockey mom.

Not because I’m a mean mom, most simply because I don’t the little “hockey mom clicks”. I don’t want to meet up during the week and plan fun outings outside of the arena, fundraisers, or gossip about other teams and their hockey moms.

My ex and I pay out the hundreds of dollars every fall for my daughter to play the game. I simply want to come sit back and watch her play the game she loves so much. She most probably won’t ever get onto a NHL team, or the Woman’s Team Canada Olympic Hockey team (although if she made it, I would totally support her).

My daughter is the team goalie and that presents me with another stress. It’s alot of responsibility for her if no goals go in then she’s the hero, but if by chance some pucks get by her then she gets judged by her teammates and sad to say but by some, not all, but some of the parents.

Below is a brief clip of her from this past sunday’s game, she’s the goalie 🙂


I also know that some of the parent’s talk bad about me because I am not at EVERY single game. I can’t be at EVERY single game. I don’t have a car, the team she plays for is for the country township in which her father lives,, and sometimes these games are very late at night.

I’m a loner hockey mom, I like to sit and read my book on a bench while I wait for her to get all her gear on. I sit off by myself in the stands and cheer quietly from afar for her and the rest of her team (sometimes I sit with my older daughter Big C). After the game I return to reading my book while she gets out of her stinky gear and shoots the shit with the girls in the change room. We walk out into the cold winter air I give her a hug and tell her how incredibly proud I am of her.

She hugs me back and say’s “thanks mom”. (then she usually bribes me for a drink and snack, cause she knows I love her).


Good news Sunday :)

Good morning everyone!

Did you enjoy that extra hour of sleep last night? I sure did, I woke up to a sunny but cold morning it’s -7 here in my neck of the woods.

I’ve been a negative Nelly lately, so this morning I want to be a sunshine Sally and share about good things in my life.

1. I found a couch on Kijiji, the old owner is a nice guy who is willing to hold onto it in his garage until my moving day and he will even deliver it to me.

couch 2

That’s it there not bad for $300, I plan to go to the thrift store and buy some more big comfy pillows for it. I usually don’t like these type of couches but my daughter does, it was in my price range and I will slowly save up and get exactly what I want later.

2. Yesterday, while reading other blogs one particular one stood out by Fish of Gold called The Best of Thrift (go check it out,,she’s got some neato stuff). I have purchased some new things for the apartment, like pots and pans, kitchen towels, cleaning stuff and some cooking utensils. I need lamps, window coverings, coffee, end tables etc. I’ve decided to go to my new cities thrift shops to get these items thanks for the tips FOG!

3. I have such good friends both online thru the WP community and in real life. I’m disappointed that the woman that I “thought” was my best friend, has not offered any help or even a shoulder to cry on. I guess it’s because she has such good things going on in her life (newly engaged, new home etc.), oh well lesson learned.

I met a new friend when I started this latest course, she has been a great friend, a shoulder to cry on, a good listener and has given me a kick in the ass as well. She let it slip out last week that she has bought me some stuff for my apartment,,,I am so grateful and thankful for her as I know she struggles to keep her family afloat. My new apartment is only a few blocks from her home, I look forward to spending more free time with her.

4. I plan to spend a nice Sunday with my girls, younger C has a hockey game at noon, and when we get back I’m going to spend sometime outside raking leaves, maybe walk their dog. I need to get more fresh air, Vitamin D and exercise, I am determined to not get into a depressed funk. This evening maybe pop some popcorn watch a movie or if a hockey game is on yell at the tv screen.

5. OH YA, I almost forgot,,,,,I have lost 9lbs since I left the NARC!!  I’m feeling better about my self, my self esteem is coming back and I feel my sarcastic funny old self re emerging!

Well that’s my good news post for this Sunday morning,,what’s your good news today?