Good News Sunday :)

Don’t have much this weeks folks,,,just that I just have 6 more sleeps till I move!!!!

So because not much happened this week, I thought I would post a video of my kitteh that always sleeps with her forehead pressed against something. Last night it was me she had to have her forehead on, she was soooo dead asleep I kept shaking and shaking her and she wouldn’t get up.


So precious!!!


Good news friday y’all!!

This blog has been a downer lately,,,my life has been a downer lately.

But I have stayed positive (on the outside at least) and good news has been bestowed to moi.

Today, my friends I signed for the release of my last installment of my government school loan, which means I am one more step closer to moving out!!!  I shall have the fundage in my bank account in 5-10days from now 🙂

My daughter (big C) and I went a saw a beautiful place earlier this week and we find out sometime over the weekend if we get it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed but I’m a realist and no that there is a good chance that we won’t get it either,,,but we will find a nice place of that I am sure

Now all I need is a part-time job and all will be complete. I spent all yesterday afternoon at the largest shopping mall in the city we are moving too and put out 10-15 resumes. I have learned that Thursdays are a good day to go because managers seem to be there so I got to meet with a few and most will be starting to call for seasonal work next week so finger’s crossed.

I’m feeling stronger just knowing that I will have money for a way out and that the end is near.

Have a great weekend everyone :O)

**UPDATE**                No sooner than 5 mins after I hit post, my phone rang and I now have a interview for a part-time job on Monday afternoon after school!!

Life is Good 😉