So I had this “friend” Part One….

I usually have really good judgement on reading people when I first meet them. The key word here is “usually”.

When I first moved up here I made friends with a few girls at work pretty quickly. One of them declared that we were going to be besties because of my sarcastic and witty attitude. I must modestly say I am a pretty funny girl.


So this “new friend” and I hung out a few times outside of work and I learned a few things about her. One was that she at one time was a drug addict and was still weekly visiting the methadone clinic. Ok, I thought as long as she’s not doing it anymore and she’s working hard on changing her life.Give her a chance. She also liked her drinks and I thought hey, when she’s not at work she’s free to do what she wants with her own time, she’s a big girl.

This new friend is a single mom and has 2 children. One a boy in his early 20’s who she was proud of because he was working full time as a skilled laborer. And she has a beautiful girl who had just started high school and was excelling with great grades.

I also have another friend who we will call “friend #2”, and on one hot summer afternoon I ran into her outside of the Legion where there was some kind of festival was going on with a band playing. She invited me to sit with her and her daughter to enjoy the music and have a few cold beers.

So a few hours later and a few beers later, friend #2, who was and born and raised here, told me some stuff about friend #1 who also was born and raised here.

She confirmed the rumor about the drug activity, but was happy to say that yes friend #1 had worked very hard to get her life in order. Which included working her way up to the full-time position which if I may say is a very hard thing to get in this small town. Friend #2 also told me that friend #1 was going to receive a pretty big inheritance from her grandmother who had recently passed away and friend #1 was planning to buy her first home!

Wow, I thought this girl friend #1 had really worked hard and changed her life I thought. Good for her!

So, when friend #1 asked me to go with her to help her arrange for her first mortgage at the local bank I was honored and quite pleased. Have I mentioned that in the past I worked as a Real Estate Agent?  If not, well yes I did, but that’s a whole other story.

What happened at the bank should have been my first clue………..


Coming soon Part 2….