I just spoke to my best friend about her daughter’s passing.


It’s the saddest and most painful conversation that I have ever had.

She didn’t have alot of time and we are having a proper talk tomorrow.

Pray for her and her family.

I am so sad


Woke up to sad,sad news :(

Today is my one day off of the week.

After leisurely sleeping in to 7:30 am (that’s sleeping in for me now,,wow I’m getting old).

I made my first cup of tea, and of course checked my facebook. The first post I saw was from a good friend that I went to college with a few years ago. She posted that she had lost her daughter last night.

At first I was oh lord, what has this kid gotten herself into now. But as I continued to read the post I realized omg, she really has lost her daughter OMG!

Apparently her 18 year old first born was walking home from a late class at her University in Ottawa and got hit by a SUV and died instantly.

Although I have only known my friend for a few years, I do know that her children are her world to her and I know that she was so very close to her daughter they did so many things together, marathon runs, went to the best concerts and attended Zombie walks during Halloween.

I was just talking to my friend a few weeks ago and she was worried about her daughter, she was in her first year of University and spreading her wings as a single young woman that had finally left the nest. As all kids do she was experiencing different things for the first time, hanging out with different people and making some questionable decisions. She was very opinionated and said what was on her mind  but she wasn’t a bad kid, she always had a big smile on her face and had a great big caring heart.

Continue to smile pretty girl and continue to spread your beautiful angel wings and look over your loving mother and family.

              R.I.P               Julia


Moving Day!

It’s finally here. It’s moving day yeehaw!

It’s 5:30 in the morning, and i’m having my tea, surfing the web.

I’m so happy that the day is finally here, my stomach is a nervous mess because I have to come face to face with the ex. Thankfully, my daughter is coming with me a hour before the movers get there so I can pack the bags of stuff I have into boxes for it to be easier for the movers. I know that once my stuff is finally in the truck and we are pulling out of the driveway a big weight will be lifted off my shoulders and the next chapter of my life will truly have started.

Needless to say I will be off the grid until tomorrow when hopefully Bell will be true to there word and grace us with their presence between 8-10 am on a Sunday morning for cable and super fast internet.

It’s already been a hard weekend as yesterday afternoon we unexpectadly had to put the girls dog “Jellybean” to sleep. The poor thing got sick late last week, we thought it was a virus but learned yesterday that she had floating masses of cancer in her stomach and was bleeding internally. It was so hard to see my girls witness the first loss of a loved one, they are grieving in grace and I am so proud of them. RIP Jellybean you were a wonderful dog and the bestest friend my girls could ever ask for.