Wings, Water and Wheels

So I went to the WWW festival in my new hometown it was ok even though I was all by myself.

Saw some old Car's

Saw some old Car’s

And some more Car's

And some more Car’s

Beaver tail bites

Beaver tail bites

Bought Big “C” some beaver tail bites (basically fried dough) with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. This is when she bailed on me and went home cause she didn’t want to hear some lame band and hang out with old People, lol.

So I stayed had a few beers at the beer tent and watched the concert alone.

Sunday was when the bikers came and another afternoon concert with a blues band.



It was so friggen hot but I stayed and listened to some more music, went home had a cool bath and relaxed in front of the tv and enjoyed my new love: This Candle:

Lemonade on the Dock.

Lemonade on the Dock.

Country Home Candle is a Canadian based company and they have a line of Candles based around “Cottage Life and Smells” Check it out!

Overall, I’m getting used to the Northern life, however it’s been really hard making friends it’s very clicky and people tend to stick to themselves. They are a tough nut crack these folks up here!