17,18,19 Catch up.

Day 17:

A song that makes you want to dance.

When Big C was a baby she suffered from colic for 6 straight months. She literally cried 20 hours a day. Sometimes I would just crank this song up and dance along with my crying baby to get thru it. I chose this video because it’s from one of my favourite Julia Roberts movie. Sleeping with the Enemy.


Day 18:

A song that you love but rarely listen too.

I’m not a big Madonna fan but I loved this movie Evita and I really liked this song. I rarely listen to the song because it makes me cry.


Day 19:

The first song alphabetically on you iPod/iTunes.

I kind of cheated on this one because my kids loaded my iPod and the first song on my song list is a song I don’t even know by Drake, so I picked the first one I actually know. But here just in case your interested is the Drake one too.