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It’s been a few months, but I have a excuse.

In the last 2 months, I have made major life changes.

1. Started a new job with a lot more responsibilities and management duties.

2. Packed up and moved over 3 hours north to a new small community.

3.Had to live with my parent’s for 3 weeks (that was a hard one, lol).

4. Had my daughter’s girlfriend from Wales, UK, come visit for 2 weeks during the move.

Suffice it too say, I’ve been a tad busy. There was a few mishaps but all in all the move went well and we are adjusting well.

I’m adjusting to working early hours now (I used to close at Target all the time). I work 6 days a week from 7 am to noon, work is a 15 minute walk so that’s nice, it’s not too fun in the rain tho and I am already dreading it during the snow season, lol.

Here’s a pic of my walk to work every morning,,,it’s a hard life, le sigh!!!


The kitties handled the move relatively well my couch didn’t fit into the new apt. so I ended giving the old one to one of the mover’s for his kids play room and went and bought a used one at the used shop for $60 Tink likes it as you can see:

Tinkerbelle's new fav sleeping spot

Tinkerbelle’s new fav sleeping spot

Leo looking at the wildlife

Leo looking at the wildlife

Big “C” is doing so well, she has got a job and is enjoying it with only a mild case of anxiety, the kid is smiling all the time now, it’s wonderful. Her gf came for a visit from Wales. They have never met in “real life” before but they hit it off and now she is planning to go for a visit in the fall.

The love bugs!

Look at that smile my girl has!

Look at that smile my girl has!

We have found our new local, here’s a pic of us raising a glass to our successful move!

South Algonquin Pub

South Algonquin Pub



Now that we are finally settled in and things are starting to slow down, I am going to start posting and writing a lot more, I have missed it and need to get back to it!

See you all very soon!

Guess what??


To Here:



Here is the town’s official website, in case you’d like to take a peek!

It’s a quaint little town of around 4,000 people with around 40,000 people in the surrounding area. So, basically I am moving from a City of 150,000 to 4,000. Crazy right??

You might be saying to yourself,,,what the hell is this chick doing moving to God’s country for?

Well let me explain to you why. There is many reason’s.

The day that I lost my job, I arrived home to a nice letter on my apartment door notifying me that my rent was being increased. Lovely.

My daughter then went thru a major depressive and anxiety state, that ended up with her being hospitalized (she’s home now and doing well).

When I turned to who I “thought” were my best friend(s) for support, I learned they weren’t who I thought they were and found myself all alone and wishing I was closer to my family. One morning I found myself venting this wish out loud on the couch and my daughter heard me and said. “Why don’t we do it then, let’s look into it?

I spoke to my parent’s who surprised me by being really supportive and welcoming. So, I pulled up my big girl panties and knowing that it’s hard to find a job up North, I took a day and emailed my resume to every business in town. Surprisingly, I received responses quickly right away. I took a few days vacation and went up for some interviews.

I accepted a job at one of the larger grocery’s stores in town as a Inventory Control Manager on the condition that my start date would not begin until I was released from my Target job so that I could get my measly payout. They worked with me and I start on May 11th. It’s only part-time but I know if I work hard, I will get more hours. I took this particular job because it is unionized and working up there where winter lay offs happen every year I would be ensured not to be laid off and I will eventually get benefits again.

Finding a place to live was more difficult then I anticipated  because I don’t have a vehicle I needed to find something in town so I can walk too and from work. I put my faith in my parent’s hands and they went to see a apt in smaller building and based on their opinion I took a leap and took the place. I’m moving into a place I have never seen EEEK!!!

This is a winter pic of the place. Our new home over looks the the York river and it's actually on the same road in the above pic. Simply beautiful country.

This is a winter pic of the place. Our new home over looks the the York river and it’s actually on the same road in the above pic. Simply beautiful country.

We don’t get the new place until May 30th.

I start my new job on May 11th so that means I will be staying with my parent’s and my daughter will stay down in a virtually all packed up place to take care of our kitties for almost 3 weeks.

With my parent’s getting older I will be closer to them if they need me. My daughter’s Dr’s believe a much smaller community and being closer to her grandparent’s would be better for her and with rent being quite a bit cheaper. I believe I have made a good decision. I hope!

Catch up Olympic Sunday folks!

Wow, it’s been over 2 weeks since I’ve posted and I apologize (I really don’t), but I have been super busy y’all!

So what have I been up too you ask?

Weelllll, the kid’s didn’t make the cake because we didn’t have any vegetable oil, only olive oil and they didn’t want to take a chance on a failed cake (I think they also got caught up playing Playstation together) that’s ok tho because I had cupcakes at work from my boss so it was a win anyways plus I splurged and ordered Chinese food yuummmy!


The first week at work setting up the store I worked 60 hours and 8 days in a row. Man was I beat and sore. I had a day off and then worked all last week. The store opened on time and slowly word is getting around town that we are there and open and it’s picking up.

There are a few things that I have noticed in my first  2 weeks of  employment and they are:

1. The quality of the products is improving and more and more name brand things are being added. The reason for this is because as of this month there is now 1,000 stores across Canada and the company’s buyers are able to buy product by huge amounts. Like say Kit Kat bars, they will go to Nestle and say “hey we want a deal on these chocolate bars” and then they will go ahead and make a deal to buy 50,000 truck loads of the shit if they get the deal!

2. Apparently the nail polish OPI is a high commodity and a good brand, I found this out as the local owner of the nail salon down the street came in and bought all of my stock and has been coming in every day looking for more and the dude even asked if I could give him a call when more of it comes in. In my mind I was thinking “no way guy am I going to call you and help you rip off your clients who are paying over $30 for your services thinking that they are getting expensive nail polish when your really using $1 stuff,,ummmm no way”. And I’m also tempted to keep that stuff in the back when it DOES come in and only once you have come in to check then bring it out. I mean give other people a chance at the deal geez!

Lesson here folks who get there nails done. Is if you want to use expensive nail polish buy it yourself and bring with you!

I made the decision in the New Year to get back to doing something I used to like to do and that was to get back to sewing. I like to do it for fun and now I’m hoping to make it into a small at home business. So a few weeks ago I went to the local sewing shop and put some money down on a new machine and I picked it up yesterday:

sewingmess Yah, it’s still in the box and to the right I have some notions that I bought to fool around with this weekend as it’s a long weekend here. It’s family day weekend where everything is closed and your supposed to spend time with your family, meh whatevah,,,I see them EVERY day.

Valentines Day was on Friday and I wasn’t really looking forward to it but I got a call on Wednesday from the guy I met on New Year’s Eve and he invited me out for dinner. It was really nice and we had a good time talking and getting to know each other. It felt good to go out knowing there was no pressure  and that nothing was expected other than good conversation. He is still going thru a nasty divorce that has been ongoing for over 2 years and finally goes to court in March. We both have no intentions of rushing things and are content on going out once a month or so. He was such a gentleman helping me with my coat opening doors etc…And look he even brought me a card and chocolates!

And it's even the GOOD kind,,the one's that don't ever get reduced,lol!

And it’s even the GOOD kind,,the one’s that don’t ever get reduced,lol!

The plan today is to clean off this messy dining room table and break out that snazzy new sewing machine, probably watch some YouTube video’s on how to use the thing and make some stuff!

But first, my daughter’s and I are walking down to the local pub at noon, have some wings and beer and cheer along with the locals as the Canadian Men’s Hockey team beat I mean play against team Finland!

What's your favourite event at the Winter Olympics?

What’s your favourite event at the Winter Olympics?

Have a great Sunday everyone and to my fellow Canadians that observe Family Day have a great day with your family’s on Monday!!

Lest We Forget.


Little C is reading this poem this morning with her class during the Remembrance Day service at her school. I think it is worth posting here and for all of us to read and remember:

Why Wear A Poppy?

Author: Don Crawford

“Will you wear a poppy?” the lady said
And held one forth, but I shook my head.
Then I stopped and watched to see how she’d fare
Her face was old and lined with care.
But beneath the scars the years had made
There remained a smile that refused to fade.


A boy came whistling down the street
Bouncing along on carefree feet.
His smile was full of joy and fun
“Lady’, he said, “May I have one?”
As she pinned it on I heard him say
“Why do we wear a poppy today?”

The lady smiled in her wistful way
And answered, “This is ANZAC Day.
The poppy there is the symbol for
The gallant men who died in our war.
And because they did, you and I are free
That’s why we wear a poppy you see.”

“I had a boy about your size
With golden hair and big blue eyes.
He loved to jump and play and shout
Free as a bird he would race about
As years went on he learned and grew
And became a man as you will, too.”

“He was fine and strong with a boyish smile
But he seemed with us such a little while.
When war broke out he went away
I still remember his face that day.
When he smiled at me and said ‘Goodbye
I’ll be back soon so please don’t cry.’”

“But the war went on so he had to stay
All I could do was wait and pray.
His letters told of the awful fight
I can still see it in my dreams at night.
With tanks and guns and cruel barbed wire
And mines and bullets, the bombs and fire.”

‘Til at last the war was won
“And that’s why we wear a poppy, son.”
The small boy turned as if to go
Then said, “Thanks lady, I’m glad to know.
That sure did sound like an awful fight
But your son, did he come home all right?”

A tear rolled down each faded cheek
She shook her head but didn’t speak.
I slunk away, head bowed in shame
And if you were with me, you’d have done the same.
For our thanks in giving is oft delayed
Though the freedom was bought and thousands paid.

And so you see, when a poppy is worn
Let us reflect on the burden borne.
By those who gave their very all
When asked to answer their country’s call.
That we are home in peace may live
Then wear a poppy, remember and give.

I hate being a hockey mom.

Not because I’m a mean mom, most simply because I don’t the little “hockey mom clicks”. I don’t want to meet up during the week and plan fun outings outside of the arena, fundraisers, or gossip about other teams and their hockey moms.

My ex and I pay out the hundreds of dollars every fall for my daughter to play the game. I simply want to come sit back and watch her play the game she loves so much. She most probably won’t ever get onto a NHL team, or the Woman’s Team Canada Olympic Hockey team (although if she made it, I would totally support her).

My daughter is the team goalie and that presents me with another stress. It’s alot of responsibility for her if no goals go in then she’s the hero, but if by chance some pucks get by her then she gets judged by her teammates and sad to say but by some, not all, but some of the parents.

Below is a brief clip of her from this past sunday’s game, she’s the goalie 🙂


I also know that some of the parent’s talk bad about me because I am not at EVERY single game. I can’t be at EVERY single game. I don’t have a car, the team she plays for is for the country township in which her father lives,, and sometimes these games are very late at night.

I’m a loner hockey mom, I like to sit and read my book on a bench while I wait for her to get all her gear on. I sit off by myself in the stands and cheer quietly from afar for her and the rest of her team (sometimes I sit with my older daughter Big C). After the game I return to reading my book while she gets out of her stinky gear and shoots the shit with the girls in the change room. We walk out into the cold winter air I give her a hug and tell her how incredibly proud I am of her.

She hugs me back and say’s “thanks mom”. (then she usually bribes me for a drink and snack, cause she knows I love her).

Just when I thought my life couldn’t get any shittier…….

I got a phone call at school today from my employer or rather my ex-employer,,,informing me that they were letting me go.

They would not give me not one reason as to why.

I told them that I appreciated if they didn’t feel that I made a good fit for their office, but I deserved to know what if anything I did was wrong so I could work on it for any future employers. Again, I was given no reason and just told that my termination papers and owing pay would be mailed to me.

I spoke to the legal people at school and they told me because it was within my 3 month probation time with that office they legally don’t have to give me a reason. They also did point out to me how very unprofessional this was handled by this employer and they put them on a list of do not call to promote to future students or to approach for practicum placements.

At the end of my meeting with the legal/job placement lady,,she said “Basically Fuck them, and fuck their job”,,that made me laugh because this woman is the most professional, and polite person I have met in a long time.

So, now I’m back to square one.    😦

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