Day 14 of 25 Songs in 25 Days

Wow, I made it (barely) to day 14!

Day 14:

A song that reminds you of your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Since I don’t have a boyfriend at this moment and don’t see one in the forseable future. I picked a song for my most favorite cuddly kitty that snuggles with me every night at bedtime.

My sweetie Tinker Belle, she kind of counts as she was given to me by a exboyfriend!

My sweetie Tinker Belle, she kind of     counts as she was given to me by a exboyfriend! 


It also reminds me of my kiddo’s.

Have a good day all, I’m off to works in the hood and should be friggening exhausted when I get home.

Online dating etiquette….


Ok, people I think I’m just about ready to put myself out there again.

Just for dating,,no long term relationships but to just get out there and meet new people and men.

But just how to do this is the question?

I don’t like to go to dance clubs or loud bars and at my age they just seem to have lots of overaged wannabe’s and drunkards.

I could go to the pub,,,but I feel all weird sitting at the bar by myself and it’s a bit costly.

So I decided to go the way all the “cool” kids are going and that’s the online dating way. Now, I’m not exactly “clueless” to this, I have been on a few in the past.

I have been on and most that got in touch with me were thos catfish Nigerians,,,no thanks. Plus, I don’t feel the need to pay to meet someone.

So, I made a profile on POF (Plenty of Fish).


My question to you my friends is what is the proper etiquette on who exactly makes the first move. Is it proper for the man to message a woman or is it ok for the woman to take the “plunge” and message the man?

What are the “rules” and what are some of your go to “ice breakers of pick up lines”???

Give it to me, my people!



BF got me these flowers on his way home from work earlier this week,,,,soooo pretty and unexpected. He says he just wanted to show me how much he loves me, awwwwww.


The last month has been a little rocky between the two of us. Ever since his “episode”,

You see, it seems he had a warning stroke. Nothing too bad, but enough for me to pressure him to go to the hospital and the doctor. Even though he was told at “both” appointments that he needs to STOP smoking right away, or he will have a major stroke or heart attack. He still hasn’t. I regress. Guess he has to learn the hard way. And,, I will get to say,,,see I and “they” told you so.

He goes next monday for a ultra sound of his neck and heart,,,here’s to them finding something that will truly scare him into shape.

So, during this trying time in our relationship he has told me twice, that if I didn’t stop bugging him,,that I could move out. So basically, if I don’t sit back and quietly watch him kill himself, I am free to leave. That PISSED me off. I am NOT going to be emotionally abused. Been there done that,,,,not about to do that again.

Here’s the problem,,,,I’m currently in school and unemployed. I can’t start working until after October when I get my last and final gov’t loan payment about $6,000. I originally was going to use that money for a new car, and also to go away on a trip to Cuba with bf after school is done in March, as a reward for the last 2yrs of school.

Now I have a new and revised plan,,,,I am now going to put $2,000 in a “emergency move” account, $1,000 to go away, because I have depression and we have had a crappy summer,,I know I am going to need to go some place warm and sunny for a boost of Vitamin D, AND because I deserve to go away, with or without BF.

Anyways,,because of my financial situation I have found myself biting my tongue and not saying anything that “might” set bf into giving me the option of leaving. But you sure as hell can believe that once that money is in my account,,,,I WILL no longer be biting my tongue, and if he doesn’t like it. Tough shit.

I have absolutely NO problem living on my own, and if bf keeps up with his threats he will be living alone too.

So,,,back to the point about my flowers,,,the weekend before I received my pretty bouquet  we went over to visit with another couple (bf has been friends with them for well over 20yrs)  and while there, I told the female friend about bf’s health issue (he doesn’t want his friends to know), and also about his ultimatums. In the end we had a nice day, we went home and we forgot to bring home some stuff that we had brought so bf stopped by the next night on his way home and picked up what we forgot. I’m thinking that he got a little bit of a talking too from female friend,,and voila “flowers”!
OK, onto the next vent,,,,this is a general “male” vent. 
Wth,,,is it with men and there cars?
Bf spent over 2 hours yesterday morning (Sunday),,,washing and waxing his car. Now, I have absolutely NO problem with that,,,hey it gets him out of the house and under my feet. 
Here’s the thing tho,,,,,we went grocery shopping shortly thereafter. And here’s how he just HAD to park the car:
Notice,,the car showroom parking job!  Ohhh,,I bet all the other men in the parking lot,,were sooo in awe of the awesome wash and polish job!

Notice,,the car showroom parking job! Ohhh,,I bet all the other men in the parking lot,,were sooo in awe of the awesome wash and polish job!

Here’s the other thing,,,,he’s been bitching EACH AND EVERY EVENING, about the construction going on in front of his workplace and the dust mess it’s causing. In fact that is WHY he washed the car in the first place!

Stay tuned for next time when you tune in to find out if he bitched even more about the mess his car is in after work on Monday!

School starts at 1pm this week,,,,so I get to sleep in and enjoy a nice quiet peaceful morning with a good cup of tea and read up on my fav blogs!

Have a awesome day guys 🙂

P.S. I don’t know why the stupid font changed halfway thru this post,,,and it wouldn’t change back,,,lol