I just spoke to my best friend about her daughter’s passing.


It’s the saddest and most painful conversation that I have ever had.

She didn’t have alot of time and we are having a proper talk tomorrow.

Pray for her and her family.

I am so sad


Wings, Water and Wheels

So I went to the WWW festival in my new hometown it was ok even though I was all by myself.

Saw some old Car's

Saw some old Car’s

And some more Car's

And some more Car’s

Beaver tail bites

Beaver tail bites

Bought Big “C” some beaver tail bites (basically fried dough) with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. This is when she bailed on me and went home cause she didn’t want to hear some lame band and hang out with old People, lol.

So I stayed had a few beers at the beer tent and watched the concert alone.

Sunday was when the bikers came and another afternoon concert with a blues band.



It was so friggen hot but I stayed and listened to some more music, went home had a cool bath and relaxed in front of the tv and enjoyed my new love: This Candle:

Lemonade on the Dock.

Lemonade on the Dock.

Country Home Candle is a Canadian based company and they have a line of Candles based around “Cottage Life and Smells” Check it out!

Overall, I’m getting used to the Northern life, however it’s been really hard making friends it’s very clicky and people tend to stick to themselves. They are a tough nut crack these folks up here!

I’m going here tonight!

Pics and stories to follow,,and lord with some of the rednecks I have encountered,,there should be some stories!

Click the link below to see:

Wheels, water and wings!

Sorry no pic because this butt fuck of a town doesn’t believe in posting pictures online, lol!

Woke up to sad,sad news :(

Today is my one day off of the week.

After leisurely sleeping in to 7:30 am (that’s sleeping in for me now,,wow I’m getting old).

I made my first cup of tea, and of course checked my facebook. The first post I saw was from a good friend that I went to college with a few years ago. She posted that she had lost her daughter last night.

At first I was oh lord, what has this kid gotten herself into now. But as I continued to read the post I realized omg, she really has lost her daughter OMG!

Apparently her 18 year old first born was walking home from a late class at her University in Ottawa and got hit by a SUV and died instantly.

Although I have only known my friend for a few years, I do know that her children are her world to her and I know that she was so very close to her daughter they did so many things together, marathon runs, went to the best concerts and attended Zombie walks during Halloween.

I was just talking to my friend a few weeks ago and she was worried about her daughter, she was in her first year of University and spreading her wings as a single young woman that had finally left the nest. As all kids do she was experiencing different things for the first time, hanging out with different people and making some questionable decisions. She was very opinionated and said what was on her mind  but she wasn’t a bad kid, she always had a big smile on her face and had a great big caring heart.

Continue to smile pretty girl and continue to spread your beautiful angel wings and look over your loving mother and family.

              R.I.P               Julia


It’s been a few months, but I have a excuse.

In the last 2 months, I have made major life changes.

1. Started a new job with a lot more responsibilities and management duties.

2. Packed up and moved over 3 hours north to a new small community.

3.Had to live with my parent’s for 3 weeks (that was a hard one, lol).

4. Had my daughter’s girlfriend from Wales, UK, come visit for 2 weeks during the move.

Suffice it too say, I’ve been a tad busy. There was a few mishaps but all in all the move went well and we are adjusting well.

I’m adjusting to working early hours now (I used to close at Target all the time). I work 6 days a week from 7 am to noon, work is a 15 minute walk so that’s nice, it’s not too fun in the rain tho and I am already dreading it during the snow season, lol.

Here’s a pic of my walk to work every morning,,,it’s a hard life, le sigh!!!


The kitties handled the move relatively well my couch didn’t fit into the new apt. so I ended giving the old one to one of the mover’s for his kids play room and went and bought a used one at the used shop for $60 Tink likes it as you can see:

Tinkerbelle's new fav sleeping spot

Tinkerbelle’s new fav sleeping spot

Leo looking at the wildlife

Leo looking at the wildlife

Big “C” is doing so well, she has got a job and is enjoying it with only a mild case of anxiety, the kid is smiling all the time now, it’s wonderful. Her gf came for a visit from Wales. They have never met in “real life” before but they hit it off and now she is planning to go for a visit in the fall.

The love bugs!

Look at that smile my girl has!

Look at that smile my girl has!

We have found our new local, here’s a pic of us raising a glass to our successful move!

South Algonquin Pub

South Algonquin Pub



Now that we are finally settled in and things are starting to slow down, I am going to start posting and writing a lot more, I have missed it and need to get back to it!

See you all very soon!

Guess what??


To Here:



Here is the town’s official website, in case you’d like to take a peek!

It’s a quaint little town of around 4,000 people with around 40,000 people in the surrounding area. So, basically I am moving from a City of 150,000 to 4,000. Crazy right??

You might be saying to yourself,,,what the hell is this chick doing moving to God’s country for?

Well let me explain to you why. There is many reason’s.

The day that I lost my job, I arrived home to a nice letter on my apartment door notifying me that my rent was being increased. Lovely.

My daughter then went thru a major depressive and anxiety state, that ended up with her being hospitalized (she’s home now and doing well).

When I turned to who I “thought” were my best friend(s) for support, I learned they weren’t who I thought they were and found myself all alone and wishing I was closer to my family. One morning I found myself venting this wish out loud on the couch and my daughter heard me and said. “Why don’t we do it then, let’s look into it?

I spoke to my parent’s who surprised me by being really supportive and welcoming. So, I pulled up my big girl panties and knowing that it’s hard to find a job up North, I took a day and emailed my resume to every business in town. Surprisingly, I received responses quickly right away. I took a few days vacation and went up for some interviews.

I accepted a job at one of the larger grocery’s stores in town as a Inventory Control Manager on the condition that my start date would not begin until I was released from my Target job so that I could get my measly payout. They worked with me and I start on May 11th. It’s only part-time but I know if I work hard, I will get more hours. I took this particular job because it is unionized and working up there where winter lay offs happen every year I would be ensured not to be laid off and I will eventually get benefits again.

Finding a place to live was more difficult then I anticipated  because I don’t have a vehicle I needed to find something in town so I can walk too and from work. I put my faith in my parent’s hands and they went to see a apt in smaller building and based on their opinion I took a leap and took the place. I’m moving into a place I have never seen EEEK!!!

This is a winter pic of the place. Our new home over looks the the York river and it's actually on the same road in the above pic. Simply beautiful country.

This is a winter pic of the place. Our new home over looks the the York river and it’s actually on the same road in the above pic. Simply beautiful country.

We don’t get the new place until May 30th.

I start my new job on May 11th so that means I will be staying with my parent’s and my daughter will stay down in a virtually all packed up place to take care of our kitties for almost 3 weeks.

With my parent’s getting older I will be closer to them if they need me. My daughter’s Dr’s believe a much smaller community and being closer to her grandparent’s would be better for her and with rent being quite a bit cheaper. I believe I have made a good decision. I hope!

I’m Back

Ya so I’ve been missing in action again.

I’m not going to make any excuses life was pretty boring and I had much more important things to do like,,,ummmm

playing Bingo on Facebook.

Had a nice Christmas, ten times better than the year before, in fact I really over compensated for last year and ended up throwing out extra Turkey and baking that I did because everyone was so over it.

I was enjoying life until the Shit hit the fan on Jan 15th of this year.


Yep,the mother fucker’s decided to close all the Target stores in Canada!!  The fucking dream job that I had found and loved,,,gone poof. They didn’t even have the decency to tell before it was in the news. Nope, we got the pleasure of learning of it from the customers walking in after seeing it on the news. So as of May 16th this chick is unemployed again.

Anyhoo,,,I’m over it. It truly was like going thru a grieving process.

This now leads to making some major life changes and decisions,,,,stay tuned and see the MAJOR life changes that are coming up,,,,,that’s if I mean I have any followers left!

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