Yaaayyy it’s my Birthday!!!

Today is my birthday and I am so happy to get rid of this last year.

Yaaay,,,I get to work at my new job at our new site doing store set up all day,,,yaayyyy,,,,I have a job!


I deserve cake and I left the hint(s) out for the kids,,before I left for work I left the cake mix, icing AND cake pan on the counter BESIDE the oven. It probably won’t look like the one above but it will be cake and it will be for me!!

There better be a friggen cake,,,that’s all.

Have a good day people 🙂

Got another job.

It’s not anything to write home about,,,the hours are going to suck. But it’s a job that will get us through until I’m done school at the end of February.

In fact I was very lucky to get this job as when I went to hand in my resume it just happened that the General Manager was there to have a meeting with the Store Manager. I had a instant first and second interview, and they said I had the “WOW” factor they are looking for as they saw me talking some senior’s at the table next to mine while I was waiting to meet with them. (they don’t need to know I don’t really like senior’s hehehe jk).

And here’s where it is:



I worked at Wendy’s when I was in highschool, looks like I’ve come full circle as I’m starting in the same position as when I left there 25years ago. Front counter cashier. I wonder how much has changed?

Yep, good ‘ol Dave is gonna be paying my wages again, lol     🙂