I must be pms’ing today.

Because I want to punch everyone in my class in the face except for very few.

Just saying.

We are learning the cardiovascular system in this modular.

There is this one chick,,that apparently is “the know it all of the heart”.

The teacher can’t ask a question and a student can’t ask a question without miss “know it all” chirping out the answer, and all her fucking wonderful knowledge.

It’s taking everything in me to not yell at her to shut the FUCK up.

Maybe it’s just bothering me so much because even though I know the workings, parts, and all the ailments of the heart because of my Dental studies,,,,,I am able to keep my fucking mouth shut,,,so that the other’s in class that are new to the medical field can actually learn from the teacher and her lesson.

K,,vent done.

Oh, and the chick that sit’s beside me won’t stop flipping sniffling,,,would it be rude if I pass her a kleenex box?

What’s pissing you off today?