Yaayyyy it’s day 25!!!!

Day 25:

A song you can listen to all day.

It has to be the Juicy J version!

Day 24 is going to be late because….

Day 24

A song that you have danced with, with your best friend. This one is going to be late because I’m just on my way down to this:


And, I am meeting with one of my newest besties, and we shall partake @ the beer tent in this beautiful sun shiny day and there shall be lots and lots of dancing, so that we can embarrass our children!


However I will leave you this video that my kids and I used to listen too all the time in the car with my dad (grandpa) when we were road tripping for Big C’s hockey tournaments 🙂




Day 22 & 23 of 25 Songs in 25 Days

Day 22:

A song that someone has sung to you.

I can’t really think of any one song that someone has sung directly to me. I’ve sung songs along with people but I haven’t had someone exactly sing a song to me. I think. But I do remember this song being sung AT me by my parent’s quite a few times growing up. Lol!


Day 23:

A song that you cannot stand to listen to.

The radio stations where I live are horrible for playing the SAME songs over and over. I went the other weekend to play some of my CD’s on my old style boom box type of stereo only to find that it no longer works le sigh….

I really need to get one of those ipod stands that have speakers so that I can download music of all kinds and play instead of having the radio on all the time and don’t have to endure the streaming of the same songs over and over. I guess I have to add that onto my rather long wish list of purchases I need to make once I amass more fundage.

I couldn’t pick just one that drive me up the wall.



I wrote this post btw at 3:50 a.m because my cat’s woke me up playing, fighting and meowing at 3:10 a.m. After me yelling, throwing things at them, feeding them, pleading with them and making deals they are now at 4:10 a.m rather quite comfy and off to dreamland again. While I am WIDE awake!


They are lucky I love them so much the little F*er’s!



Day 20 in 25 Songs in 25 Days Music Challenge.

I can’t believe it’s finally day 20. Thanks to Twin Daddy over at StuphBlog and his challenge I have met some new blogging friends and have also heard some new music, it’s always interesting to see and hear what people all over the world are tuning into. Go ahead and go over to Stuphblog and have a look on the right hand side to see what the other participants are listening too.

Day 20:

The last song listed alphabetically on your iPod/iTunes.

I absolutely love Bruno Mars, he is so talented and cute (i’d definately be his cougar if the chance arose), lol. 


17,18,19 Catch up.

Day 17:

A song that makes you want to dance.

When Big C was a baby she suffered from colic for 6 straight months. She literally cried 20 hours a day. Sometimes I would just crank this song up and dance along with my crying baby to get thru it. I chose this video because it’s from one of my favourite Julia Roberts movie. Sleeping with the Enemy.


Day 18:

A song that you love but rarely listen too.

I’m not a big Madonna fan but I loved this movie Evita and I really liked this song. I rarely listen to the song because it makes me cry.


Day 19:

The first song alphabetically on you iPod/iTunes.

I kind of cheated on this one because my kids loaded my iPod and the first song on my song list is a song I don’t even know by Drake, so I picked the first one I actually know. But here just in case your interested is the Drake one too.

Day 15 &16

Sorry for the lapse,,I totally suck at this and I’ve been working like a dog lately and I’m still fricken broke.

Day 15;

A song you love to sing along too:


This is my newest favorite song,,,love it!


Day 16:

A song that has made you cry.

I can’t listen to this song anymore without crying it reminds me of my Uncle and my Cousin who both passed away from Cancer.

Day 14 of 25 Songs in 25 Days

Wow, I made it (barely) to day 14!

Day 14:

A song that reminds you of your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Since I don’t have a boyfriend at this moment and don’t see one in the forseable future. I picked a song for my most favorite cuddly kitty that snuggles with me every night at bedtime.

My sweetie Tinker Belle, she kind of counts as she was given to me by a exboyfriend!

My sweetie Tinker Belle, she kind of     counts as she was given to me by a exboyfriend! 


It also reminds me of my kiddo’s.

Have a good day all, I’m off to works in the hood and should be friggening exhausted when I get home.

Day 13

It’s Day 13!!!

A song that reminds you of a former friend. 


Good ‘ol UB40, can’t go wrong with them. Oh many a night I had to clean up the red, red wine from this past friend.


10-12 blah, blah, blah,,,

Day 10:

A song from your favourite band:


This challenge is making me see how old my musical tastes are but I love, love these guys.


Day 11:

A song from your favourite move soundtrack:


Hope Floats is one of my most fav chick flicks, I love this song, Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr.


Day 12:

The last song you heard:


For this one, I had to get off my ass, go to the radio and turn the damn thing on all BEFORE my first cup of tea! 

Kelly Clarkson, meh I can take her or leave her…..

Have a good day all 🙂

Day 9 of 25 Songs in 25 Days

I guess WP saw my complaint yesterday because it’s all fixed today and everything is back to normal 🙂

Day 9:

A song that makes you hopeful. This is the first one that came to my mind.



Have a good day peeps see you on the flip side 😉

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