Day 2 of 25 Songs for 25 Days

Day 2:

A Song that reminds you of your most recent Exboyfriend/girlfriend.

Ugghh,,,I don’t want to even think of this moron,,so it’s really not a song that reminds me of this narcissistic jerk, it’s more of a song of what I would like him to do.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I asked my daughter for help on this one, and she immediately sent this to me. So big props to Big C!


Well folks have a super awesome Friday and see you tomorrow for Day 3!

I work so hard.

I work so hard at school,,,,this is what I do during Transcription time.



Your welcome

Things that annoy me……


Things that annoy me……..

  1. Woman that have to tell you there birthing stories.
  2. People that walk into a room and declare what the weather is like outside.
  3. People that are into living well,,,then proceed to go outside for a smoke.
  4. Stupid games in school when your classmates are in there early 40’s and it gets ugly.
  5. Having to have to participate in these stupid games.
  6. People that think they are funny. And they aren’t.
  7. Not being able to play Ryan Seacrest’s Million Dollar Quiz because I don’t live in the U.S.


Feel free to add to my list……..

Dear: Miss Alice

Dearest Miss Goodie Two Shoes Alice:

Just who do you think you are?

I mean like reeaallyyy???

What makes you think that you EVER EVEN had a chance with Blunt Life Coach???

Just take a look at you:

I despise you.

I despise you.

I hate your stupid little frew frew dress and your white girlie nylons with those teenie tiny little patent leather girl school shoes. With your always seemingly perfect coiffed long blonde hair, pulled demurely back with a alluring black headband.

YOU and your beautiful alabaster white flawless skin and those big blue doe eyes……..uggghhhh,,,you make me want to hurl my short bread cookies.

MOST would think that you would be a Storm Trooper’s dream for a mate.

But I see thru that farce!!!!!!! I know just what kind of trashy, sick twisted character YOU are!!!!

I know what makes this BLC purr.

I know what makes this BLC purr, and it’s not you Alice.

BLC does not like your type.

He does NOT like tea parties, with fat little twin boys with helicopter wings. He does not get a kick out of splitting scones with mad hatters.

He has no time to look thru little tiny key holes. Nor does he have time for little vixens of your sort that stupidly drink from randomly left medicinal bottles with lord knows what is inside of them.

NO,,what BLC “needs” is someone like ME!

Someone with experience, a worldly magical woman like ME!

Someone who can take charge both of her man and her many charges, I mean children.

Someone who can teach valuable lessons with a magical touch. Someone that is practically perfect in every way, someone with grace and elegance. Some say that I am very vain and selfish but those traits immensely turn on my BLC. He says the things I can do with an umbrella make it seem like we are flying!

Sooo,,,little Miss Alice take my warnings advice and your crazy cat and chase that fictional white bunny of yours down a long dusty hole.

BLC is MINE,,,Biotch!!!

And, you best be not showing your lily-white ass down #17 Cherry Tree Lane any time soon, Or you KNOW I will be taking you down!