Furniture advice

The time has come for me to think about furniture for the new apt. Older daughter and I both have beds to lay our weary heads.

It’s a couch and tables we need.

I do have about $600 I could put down on a new one. However,,,,i’m scared to spend it all because my reserve allows to have rent paid till the end of Jan. I NEED to be able to get a second job before then, to be able to make Feb’s rent. Of course I will do any job to make ends meet till i’m done school, well almost any job wink, wink….

So naturally, I would rather keep this couch money in savings in case I don’t find a second job.

What do you all think of those rent to own places, I know the interest is unbelievable  but this would ensure I have some savings.

Yes, I have thought and looked for used on kijijji but no one delivers and I don’t know anyone with a truck.

Advice, comments, recommendations?

Ok I need help please….

With my stupid gravator thingy,,,,,it’s pissing me the hell off.

It NEVER comes up on my dashboard, on my blog page, or in my comments. Well It did once today,,and on a comment over on Stuphblog,,,wth?

How do I get this to work??? I have been playing with it for 2 damn days.

Answers anyone????