Pro’s vs Cons

Let’s play a game, let’s play Pro’s vs Cons this weeks subject:




  • no more f’in snow
  • chirping birds
  • green EVERYWHERE, green lawns, green leaves, green, green, green.
  • colour
  • lovely smelling flowers
  • the smell of freshly cut grass
  • bbq’s and the yummy smells
  • warm temps
  • sweating at 8:30 am!
  • shorts and sandles
  • the beach
  • outdoor patios
  • long walks


  • droughts
  • chirping birds that start at 4 am on your day off grrrr
  • sunburns which lead to sun stroke and puking
  • people that wear sandles with socks
  • girls that really should not wear tank tops
  • people that don’t shave
  • people that play there music too loud when there car tops are down
  • no air conditioning
  • drunk people at the outdoor patios
  • having to make sure your socks match when wearing running shoes with shorts


Injustice and abuse. *Warning this could trigger some*

This ¬†is a story about a little girl. A girl that should have always known her parent’s love from the day of conception and birth. Instead she was brought into this world knowing only neglect, resentment and abuse.

The girls father speaks about the neglect of the little girl by her mother. He remembers days when he would leave for work making sure the the little girl had a clean diaper, clean clothes on and have having a full bottle of milk in her belly before he put her back to her crib.

He comes home from work 10 hours later to find the little girl still in the crib, in the same diaper that is now full and leaking, and to empty bottles all around the girl.

Was the mother suffering from post postpartum depression? Why wasn’t something done?

The young parent’s fight. The mother blames the little girl. If she hadn’t been born, the mother would have her freedom.

The mother leaves the little girl with “friends” while the father is working, so she can get out.

One of the “friends” sexually molests the little girl who is now 2. The “friend” feels guilty and tells on himself, he turns his self into the police. He is given a small sentence and community service.

The mother blames the little girl.

The mother cheats on the little girls father and get’s pregnant. ¬†The “other man”, finds out, and moves away. The mother who is desperately in “love” with the other man leaves the little girls father, taking the little girl to follow the “other” man who now tells the mother he wants nothing to do with her, the little girl or the baby on the way.

The mother blames the little girl, she hits her and calls her names. She tells her that she deserves nothing, no new clothes, no sweets, and no toys.

The mother moves to different states and the father can’t find his little girl. When the mother does call the father, she yells at the father and blames him for everything. She yells at him that he is a deadbeat and never sends money. The father can’t send money if she doesn’t tell where she is. This makes the mother more angry and she hangs up. It’s a cycle now.

The father moves on with his life and meets a new lady, they fall in love and get married. The little girls mother finds out and gets angry. She moves to Las Vegas to find the “other man”, she had now had her second baby it’s a little girl. The mother loves the second baby girl and showers her with love and attention. She hates the first little girl.

The father finds out that the little girl is living in Las Vegas a block from the strip. The police contact the father after the little girls school contact them with concerns about the little girl. The father gets on the first plane and goes to Las Vegas and shows up unannounced at the mother’s apartment. There is no furniture, and no food.

He spends a few days with his daughter, he stocks up the cupboards and the fridge with food. He buys his daughter clothes and toys. He gives the mother his address, his work information so that he can start paying his child support. The mother agrees to keep in touch and to visitations and holidays.

The father leaves to go back to his wife in another state. He leaves feeling good, he is happy that he will now regualarly see his daughter and contribute to her well being.

The mother leaves the next week. She leaves everything behind, all the food spoils, she leaves the little girls clothes and toys her father has bought her. She tells no one where she has gone too. The father only knows because the school contacts him that his child has not been attending.

The father is worried, he can’t find his daughter.

The mother calls 6 weeks later. She is in Illinois. Homeless, and living in a car with her 2 children. She demands the father come and get the child NOW. ¬†Work won’t let the father leave for 5 days. He makes arrangements for his sister to drive from Missiouri in 2 days to get his child and keep her until the father and step mother can get there. The mother is angry, she wants rid of the child asap. The father calls the local authorities in illinois and asks for help thinking it may be best for her to be in care until he can get there. The authorities, tell him there is nothing against the law for the mother to live in the car with the children and nothing they can do.

The father’s sister gets to the child, 2 days later. And calls to tell the father that the child is severely sun burnt, dirty and full of lice but she has her and she is safe.

The father and stepmother arrive and get the child they bring her home.

The child exhibits “strange” behaviour. She is mean towards other children and breaks things constantly, she shows no remorse.

That’s ok, they will show her love, it will take time.

One morning the step mother observes the little girl performing sexual acts on the family cat, she calls her husband right away and they inform the authorities. Sadly, it is found out that the mother and the the mother’s boyfriend have been sexually abusing the little girl.

In therapy, it is learned that it’s not just sexual abuse, but extreme mental and physical abuse.

The father and step mother go to court. They get full emergency custody, until the mother can come to court.

They don’t expect the mother to show up in court. But she does AND she brings the “boyfriend” as well. She tells the judge that it is all the father’s fault and the little girls fault. She deserved it, the mother tells the court that she sold all of the child’s stuff because why should the father have it?

The mother announces in court that she has now married the boyfriend, even though she  knows that there is charges against him for child sexual abuse. She also announces that she is now pregnant with her 3rd child and they a gloriously happy.

The court terminates her parental rights. She leaves the state vowing to make the father and stepmother pay.

The court advises the father to pursue charges against the boyfriend in the state that the mother and boyfriend live in.

The boyfriend gets away with it all, because he refuses to take a lie detector test. Also because the little girl has a full blown nervous breakdown and ends up spending the next 2 years in and out of mental health facilities.

The strain of the child and her mental health problems is a big strain on the father’s and new wife’s marriage. The father goes into a deep depression. He works all night, and sleeps all day until a half hour before work starts. Leaving the step mother to deal with his child. He goes to the family therapy counselling, says what the therapist wants to hear and as soon as he leaves the office goes back to sleep. It all goes in one ear and out the other.

The step mother is stressed, she is lonely, sad and angry. She fears for the little girl and her future, she begs her husband to tune in and be a part of the little girls life, she needs her dad. The father gets angry and hits the step mother.

That’s enough.

She’s had enough.

It’s done.

She goes to work, tells her boss what has happened.

She waits until Friday.

She waits until he leaves for work.

She packs all she can in the car.

She goes to work and gets her last pay. Her boss has paid her in cash.

She gets in the car.

She drives over the border and back to her home country.

She starts her life over.

**I haven’t spoken about my past here yet. This is a post about my step daughter. I felt that it should be told, one because it is a kind of therapy for myself to finally write it out. But also, to show how the system also failed a little child. The boyfriend and mother got away with it all because the child had a mental breakdown and her statements would not hold up in court we were told.

Yaayyyy it’s day 25!!!!

Day 25:

A song you can listen to all day.

It has to be the Juicy J version!

Day 24 is going to be late because….

Day 24

A song that you have danced with, with your best friend. This one is going to be late because I’m just on my way down to this:

And, I am meeting with one of my newest besties, and we shall partake @ the beer tent in this beautiful sun shiny day and there shall be lots and lots of dancing, so that we can embarrass our children!


However I will leave you this video that my kids and I used to listen too all the time in the car with my dad (grandpa) when we were road tripping for Big C’s hockey tournaments ūüôā




Day 22 & 23 of 25 Songs in 25 Days

Day 22:

A song that someone has sung to you.

I can’t really think of any one song that someone has sung directly to me. I’ve sung songs along with people but I haven’t had someone exactly sing a song to me. I think. But I do remember this song being sung AT me by my parent’s quite a few times growing up. Lol!


Day 23:

A song that you cannot stand to listen to.

The radio stations where I live are horrible for playing the SAME songs over and over. I went the other weekend to play some of my CD’s on my old style boom box type of stereo only to find that it no longer works le sigh….

I really need to get one of those ipod stands that have speakers so that I can download music of all kinds and play instead of having the radio on all the time and don’t have to endure the streaming of the same songs over and over. I guess I have to add that onto my rather long wish list of purchases I need to make once I amass more fundage.

I couldn’t pick just one that drive me up the wall.



I wrote this post btw at 3:50 a.m because my cat’s woke me up playing, fighting and meowing at 3:10 a.m. After me yelling, throwing things at them, feeding them, pleading with them and making deals they are now at 4:10 a.m rather quite comfy and off to dreamland again. While I am WIDE awake!


They are lucky I love them so much the little F*er’s!



RawrLove via Amazon

Look what was made!!! A book,,a wonderful book sending all OUR love to Rawr! Thank you to everyone over at for making this.
Big C and I are getting our package to send to Grayson and the kitties for next week once we get paid and as soon as we are fully back on our feet purchasing some tops. So go ahead go on over and order some stuff!


Day 21:

Your favourite song,,that’s a hard one is it your fave song from when you were a kid, your fave song from yesterday,the weekend, last year. OMG there is soooo many!!!!

I narrowed it down to this one because I always seem to sing along, loud and proud to this wonderful girl.


Mostly I sing along with this tune because that is how I feel about my ex. I know that¬†narcissistic¬†prick will lure someone into¬†his web and he will never be alone.¬†Never mind,¬†because I will find someone that is like you¬†except¬† this person will be the nothing like you. I know kind of a double standard but I know what I mean, and that’s all that counts. It may be years from now but the one thing that bastard taught me is that I will never just settle for second best anymore. It’s all about me ūüėČ

P.S. haha I was just typing in the word asshole in tags and the word Shaun Cassidy popped up,,NOW that’s funny!

Day 20 in 25 Songs in 25 Days Music Challenge.

I can’t believe it’s¬†finally¬†day 20. Thanks to¬†Twin Daddy¬†over at StuphBlog and his challenge I have met some new blogging friends and have also heard some new music, it’s always interesting to see and hear what people all over the world are tuning into. Go ahead and go over to¬†Stuphblog¬†and have a look on the right hand side to see what the other participants are listening too.

Day 20:

The last song listed alphabetically on your iPod/iTunes.

I absolutely love Bruno Mars, he is so talented and cute (i’d definately be his cougar if the chance arose), lol.¬†


17,18,19 Catch up.

Day 17:

A song that makes you want to dance.

When Big C was a baby she suffered from colic for 6 straight months. She literally cried 20 hours a day. Sometimes I would just crank this song up and dance along with my crying baby to get thru it.¬†I chose this video because it’s from one of my favourite Julia Roberts movie. Sleeping with the Enemy.


Day 18:

A song that you love but rarely listen too.

I’m not a big Madonna fan but I loved this movie Evita and I really liked this song. I rarely listen to the song because it makes me cry.


Day 19:

The first song alphabetically on you iPod/iTunes.

I kind of cheated on this one because my kids loaded my iPod and the first song on my song list is a song I don’t even know by Drake, so I picked the first one I actually know. But here just in case your interested is the Drake one too.

Day 15 &16

Sorry for the lapse,,I totally suck at this and I’ve been working like a dog lately and I’m still fricken broke.

Day 15;

A song you love to sing along too:


This is my newest favorite song,,,love it!


Day 16:

A song that has made you cry.

I can’t listen to this song anymore without crying it reminds me of my Uncle and my Cousin who both passed away from Cancer.

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