Adult mother daughter love.

Being a mother to a adult daughter now (Big C turned 20 this month), is truly kind of a cool thing.

We watch the same type of shows most timesby this I mean, I endure Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy marathons and Big C endures my trashy Maury/Steve shows, Canada Master Chef and Sunday Coronation Street Marathons.

We wander down to the pub and have a few drinks at least once a week too watch the Hockey game and I get to humiliate her by injecting myself into other people’s conversations with my witty fun wheeling words of inspiration ūüėČ

Being mother and daughter we can have really good fun times, and horrible mean hurtful times, when words are said that cut to the core. There are tears, yelling, hugs and words of encouragement. We are there for each other thru the hard times and for the not so hard times.

We can be silly at home where no one in the real world can see us. Who doesn’t like to play rub your finger in your belly button and put your finger under your mom or daughter’s nose and play “what’s that smell”? Best game in awhile has been the “VAGINA” slap game,,,good times. ¬†I mean really sounds like grand fun right, all moms and daughter’s play these don’t they???

We try each other’s attempts at new recipes and can truthfully let each other no when it’s a complete¬†FAIL!¬†¬†then throw that shit away and order a pizza or if it’s a financially lean time make a big plate of peanut butter and crackers and a big ‘ol mug of hot chocolate.

One thing I share with my daughter and it’s something I never wanted to share is my anxiety and depression. Sadly my friends this is something we do share. Recently, she went thru a real bad spell, it’s send her back. She had to leave her 1st real job she was so proud of having and the financial independance she had found that comes with it.¬†

I’m proud to say that now she is on the road to recovery. She has been going constantly to counselling,and is starting to deal with the realities of things in her life she has been avoiding or didn’t see. She is also ¬†now on the meds she had been avoiding giving a chance. Although it has taking some time making adjustments to them,I am now happy and proud to say she is now is back to my sunny happy girl.

I know that my number one job is to be her mother, to set rules, boundaries and guidelines. But damn it sure is nice to have her as a best friend too!


I love you Big C,,,and always will (even tho you eat waaaay to much salsa & chips and never wash the pots).

Love Mom xo

Online dating etiquette….


Ok, people I think I’m just about ready to put myself out there again.

Just for dating,,no long term relationships but to just get out there and meet new people and men.

But just how to do this is the question?

I don’t like to go to dance clubs or loud bars and at my age they just seem to have lots of overaged wannabe’s and drunkards.

I could go to the pub,,,but I feel all weird sitting at the bar by myself and it’s a bit costly.

So I decided to go the way all the “cool” kids are going and that’s the online dating way. Now, I’m not exactly “clueless” to this, I have been on a few in the past.

I have been on¬†¬†and most that got in touch with me were thos catfish Nigerians,,,no thanks. Plus, I don’t feel the need to pay to meet someone.

So, I made a profile on POF (Plenty of Fish).


My question to you my friends is what is the proper etiquette on who exactly makes the first move. Is it proper for the man to message a woman or is it ok for the woman to take the “plunge” and message the man?

What are the “rules” and what are some of your go to “ice breakers of pick up lines”???

Give it to me, my people!


Please help no amount is too small…

Please help my wonderful blogging buddy keep her home. Thank you in advance xo.

Feeling that warm Canadian glow

My friend summed it all up for myself and my fellow Canadians. Thank you!

polysyllabic profundities


Our love for our country runs deep.  We, as a nation, bleed red and white and this morning I felt the vibration of a country celebrating in unity as the Canadian Men’s Hockey team took Olympic Gold.  The West coast rose at 3:30 am (or stayed up) to watch the puck drop at 4:00 am PST and the wave of Canadian spirit undulated across the nation.

During these winter games we battled and we fell.  We picked ourselves up and congratulated those who bested us.  We honored those who carved the way for new Olympic challenges.  We watched the families and friends of our Olympians cheer on our Canadian athletes in Sochi while we cheered from home.

We did not just celebrate our victories.  We celebrated our efforts in every sport and paid tribute to those willing to represent the best our country has to offer.  We felt the pain…

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Catch up Olympic Sunday folks!

Wow, it’s been over 2 weeks since I’ve posted and I apologize (I really don’t), but I have been super busy y’all!

So what have I been up too you ask?

Weelllll, the kid’s didn’t make the cake because we didn’t have any vegetable oil, only olive oil and they didn’t want to take a chance on a failed cake (I think they also got caught up playing Playstation together) that’s ok tho because I had cupcakes at work from my boss so it was a win anyways plus I splurged and ordered Chinese food yuummmy!


The first week at work setting up the store I worked 60 hours and 8 days in a row. Man was I beat and sore. I had a day off and then worked all last week. The store opened on time and slowly word is getting around town that we are there and open and it’s picking up.

There are a few things that I have noticed in my first  2 weeks of  employment and they are:

1. The quality of the products is improving and more and more name brand things are being added. The reason for this is because as of this month there is now 1,000 stores across Canada and the company’s buyers are able to buy product by huge amounts. Like say Kit Kat bars, they will go to Nestle and say “hey we want a deal on these chocolate bars” and then they will go ahead and make a deal to buy 50,000 truck loads of the shit if they get the deal!

2. Apparently the nail polish OPI is a high commodity and a good brand, I found this out as the local owner of the nail salon down the street came in and bought all of my stock and has been coming in every day looking for more and the dude even asked if I could give him a call when more of it comes in. In my mind I was thinking “no way guy am I going to call you and help you rip off your clients who are paying over $30 for your services thinking that they are getting expensive nail polish when your really using $1 stuff,,ummmm no way”. And I’m also tempted to keep that stuff in the back when it DOES¬†come in and only once you have come in to check then bring it out. I mean give other people a chance at the deal geez!

Lesson here folks who get there nails done. Is if you want to use expensive nail polish buy it yourself and bring with you!

I made the decision in the New Year to get back to doing something I used to like to do and that was to get back to sewing. I like to do it for fun and now I’m hoping to make it into a small at home business. So a few weeks ago I went to the local sewing shop and put some money down on a new machine and I picked it up yesterday:

sewingmess¬†Yah, it’s still in the box and to the right I have some notions that I bought to fool around with this weekend as it’s a long weekend here. It’s family day weekend where everything is closed and your supposed to spend time with your family, meh whatevah,,,I see them EVERY day.

Valentines Day was on Friday and I wasn’t really looking forward to it but I got a call on Wednesday from the guy I met on New Year’s Eve and he invited me out for dinner. It was really nice and we had a good time talking and getting to know each other. It felt good to go out knowing there was no pressure ¬†and that nothing was expected other than good conversation. He is still going thru a nasty divorce that has been ongoing for over 2 years and finally goes to court in March. We both have no intentions of rushing things and are content on going out once a month or so. He was such a gentleman helping me with my coat opening doors etc…And look he even brought me a card and chocolates!

And it's even the GOOD kind,,the one's that don't ever get reduced,lol!

And it’s even the GOOD kind,,the one’s that don’t ever get reduced,lol!

The plan today is to clean off this messy dining room table and break out that snazzy new sewing machine, probably watch some YouTube video’s on how to use the thing and make some stuff!

But first, my daughter’s and I are walking down to the local pub at noon, have some wings and beer and cheer along with the locals as the Canadian Men’s Hockey team beat I mean play against team Finland!

What's your favourite event at the Winter Olympics?

What’s your favourite event at the Winter Olympics?

Have a great Sunday everyone and to my fellow Canadians that observe Family Day have a great day with your family’s on Monday!!