Yaaayyy it’s my Birthday!!!

Today is my birthday and I am so happy to get rid of this last year.

Yaaay,,,I get to work at my new job at our new site doing store set up all day,,,yaayyyy,,,,I have a job!


I deserve cake and I left the hint(s) out for the kids,,before I left for work I left the cake mix, icing AND cake pan on the counter BESIDE the oven. It probably won’t look like the one above but it will be cake and it will be for me!!

There better be a friggen cake,,,that’s all.

Have a good day people 🙂

And the result’s of Let’s Talk are in…….

Let’s Talk 2014 Raises $5.4-Million for Canadian Mental Health Programs

London, Ontario, Canada / (CFPL AM) AM 980
January 29, 2014 12:15 pm

It was a record setting campaign for Bell Canada’s “Let’s Talk Day 2014.”

According to figures released by officials on Wednesday, a total of 109,451,718 tweets, texts, calls and shares were generated over a 24 hour period Tuesday — each one matched by a 5 cent donation from Bell.

As a result, Bell will donate a further $5,472,585.90 to Canadian mental health programs.

Last year, 4.8-million dollars was raised on the strength of more than 96-million texts, calls, and shares.

“Twitter propelled Bell Let’s Talk Day like never before, with #BellLetsTalk the top Twitter trend yesterday in Canada and #3 in the world, and topics like mental health also trending throughout the day.” the company said in a release issued Wednesday.

“The 3,016,621 tweets and retweets on Bell Let’s Talk Day 2014 were 93% more than the 1,562,485 sent in 2013.”


Thank you everyone who participated and for the reblogs I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart. We shall now continue with my soap opera life 🙂



All across Canada we have been seeing commercials with just this logo since right after Christmas.

I’m pretty proud of this campaign and I’m pretty proud of the company promoting it’s label.

Why you ask?

1. Because it’s being promoted by one of our oldest and dearest company’s of my country Canada. And that company is Bell Canada.



2. Because they are supporting a truly worthy cause. A cause that I suffer from daily and recently I’m sad to report my oldest daughter is now batteling from 😦

And that is mental health disorders, sadly this is the disease that you don’t always physically see and is often hidden by us with this disease because we are ashamed and sadly because that is what society has taught us is the way to deal with it.

Today, January 28th, 2014, I ask  my fellow Canadian’s, American’s and my blogging friends,  please, please join me and LET”S TALK,,let’s get the word out there, let us let people know that we are suffering, and that we are people that just need to be heard and listened too and above all that we can be helped we just need a little more support and a little more understanding.

That is all we ask for.

Here is how we can do this.

In Canada with this LET’S TALK inititive it’s easy with every text message, every mobile/long distance call made, tweet with the hashtag #BellLetsTalk,and every Facebook share with the Let’s Talk Image is done 5 cent’s will be donated. I don’t know about you but that’s alot of money that can be raised. You don’t have to be a Bell subscriber,,so please, please do it.

In America,,please donate to your local mental health society’s , your hospital’s, suicide prevention centres etc.

And my blogging community please reblog this post and other’s supporting our disease and our cause.

Here are some commercial’s from my cause, these truly show how I feel when I’m feeling at my worst.

You want to go to work, you need to be at work, people are counting on you to be at work,,BUT YOU JUST CAN’T DO IT. The result is you feel guilty, ashamed and just horrible.

You feel you have no friends, you feel alone, and unloved. Even tho your friends are there and trying to reach out to you. You still feel unworthy, useless and alone.

There’s a lot of french in this one but it’s worth the watch and  listen too: 

Yes, even some of your country’s treasure’s, people that you would never ever think suffer from depression. It is truly a silent disease.


Please my friends, if it’s the only thing I ever ask, please hear us and support us.

Thank you, xo





I Quit!

I said those words last week and it felt GREAT!

Finally my ex and I have had all the gov’t problems created from when he was nice enough to let me stay with him 2 years ago after my mental health breakdown. He was kind enough to let me stay in his bsmt apt for just over 6 months and the gov’t deemed us as being common law and put a hold on our tax refunds and my child tax benefits and other financial benefits that we were entitled too.

Finally the accountants have fixed this all up and the funds have been released!

I now once again have a nice financial nest and rent in the bank until the end of May. I was able to go out and buy some more house furnishings and stuff and the apartment is now feeling alot homier. The kitchen cupboards/fridge and freezer are full 🙂

And, I was able to quit the Wendy’s job and it felt great!

The Dollarama job is going great. I have been training at the downtown location in my town and at the end of the week we start setting up at the new location!

Life is good!


Please share to show my pupils how far a photo can go (even if you don’t want it to!)

Great idea, sometimes something you post can hurt a person even on the other side of the world (I know it happened to my daughter and she was very hurt).
Greetings from Barrie, Ontario, Canada 🙂

Not about everything

Sharing this, because it seems an interesting lesson.

I am teaching E-safety to my pupils at the moment and wanted to try a little experiment. Please share this photo and see how far it gets, I want to show my students how easily photos etc can go viral, even when you may not want them to. Share it and see how far it goes!


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Outing Eric Robillard, Le Clown, The Magnificent – the predator with the red nose.

You know when you feel something just isn’t right about someone? I had this feeling about Le Clown and just couldn’t put my finger on what it was.
I am reblogging this as a warning to people, to be very careful of who you trust in the web world, especially people who hide behind masks or in this case makeup.

"As For Me, I am a watercolor

le clown admits

In the not so distant past, I was invited to write a story for Black Box Warnings. It was more of a cross-emailing going on – I’d approached Le Clown first and in his reply, explained that Jen had already spoken to him about me. I was ecstatic. I started blogging a few months ago for one purpose: to get my writing hand back in shape in order to begin the grueling process of writing my memoir about growing up under the fist of a sexually abusive, narcissistic sociopathic mother, and then my life with a drug addicted and drug trafficking father whom I didn’t know until I was almost 16. Up until almost a year ago, I’ve only written and published poetry. My declarations were always hidden behind metaphors.  After I publicly outed my mother on a blog created specifically to house her outing which ultimately went viral…

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Three days in….


I saw this the day after New Year's would you try this for a hangover?

I saw this the day after New Year’s would you try this for a hangover?

3 days into 2014 and so far this year is going 10 times better than last year!

Although it is -40 freaking degrees here the sun is shining and the ice fishermen are in there element.

I have some news my friends, the first one is I have a job interview on Monday morning for a new Dollarama store opening up not far from my home. Yes it is just going from one minimum wage job to another but the hours would be bettter and I can probably work it so that I only have to work maybe 2 nights at the Wendy’s a week until Dollarama realizes just how valuable I am they will probably beg me to be there full-time (see positive thinking here, no negative nelly in 2014)!

My second piece of news is that when I went out on New Year’s Eve I sat at a table with a bunch of people and at this table was a guy visiting from out of town with his brother, we hit it off and shared some wings. He asked for my # I gave it too him. I didn’t think too much of it because after all it was New Year’s Eve (everyone was drinking) and he was from out of town (about 45mins away).

Well he texted me yesterday and wants to get to know me better. He has been seperated from his ex wife for 2 years and is just starting to date again so who knows how this may go.

I am in no way rushing into anything AGAIN. I will not change myself to be what another person wants me to be and I will not make any rash decisions. This is my new mantra and I will live by it for now on!

Still, it feels good to know that I am finally moving on.

And now I leave you with some pics I took on a walk I took on New Year’s Day downtown when everything was closed up after the partying the night before.

ny2                                                        ny1





Happy New!!

Happy New Year from me 🙂

My New Year’s resolutions are only 2 this year.

  1. Be Happy and find myself.
  2. Obtain a more meaningful career (that makes more moolaa cause that will make #1 easier 😉

Of course #1 is the most important.

I made realistic resolutions this years and I am determined to keep them.

I started last night when I finished working instead of just taking a taxi right home and vegging out in front of the t.v feeling sorry for myself.

Instead I waited for a bus and walked downtown, found a Buffalo Wild Wings family bar not too far from my apartment and had a beer at the bar, enjoyed talking to people young and old and watching a local young band.

In the end I really enjoyed myself. I need to make more of a effort to get out and meet new people and surround myself with people that have the same interests as me.

So I guess I really have 3 resolutions this year,, Silly me 🙂

What are your resolutions this year?

I leave you with a picture of the fireworks from our dining room window my daughter (who  was sick poor kiddo) sent me last night.