5 things I have learned since I left.

  1. I have not laughed entirely  enough in the last 9 months.
  2. My kids really are truly my rock and have inherited there sense of humour from their mom.
  3. I’m a really smart girl.
  4. I can do this.
  5. I need to follow my gut and instincts in the future.


# 5 is the most important out of all of them. It’s been 5 days  and I haven’t heard one word from the ex, I knew that this was going to happen. But it still hurts a bit and it hurts my self esteem a bit as well. I mean, I did everything for this person, I did his laundry, made dinner, baked, hand washed the dishes, cleaned his house and his washroom,money, gave him encouragement,sexual relations,  love and my heart.

Most men would fight to keep a good woman like me,,,isn’t that what a man wants?

I guess I’m a glutton for punishment because I did something I shouldn’t have done today, I checked the dating website that we met on,,and I don’t know why I was so surprised to see him back on there spreading all his narcissistic ego bull crap (and the prick even used the pics I took of him,,,,how pathetic).

Sure,,,it hurt the old ego but, it also given me strength to follow my instincts and to move on eventually. I won’t be looking for a relationship any time soon,,,but I will still have the hope of one day meeting someone who will value all that I have to offer.

I have learned to not rush into a relationship, to take it very slow and perhaps be over cautious if he is the right man he will understand how I have been hurt in the past.

11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Twindaddy
    Oct 21, 2013 @ 19:42:25

    Definitely better off without him. What a douche.


  2. El Guapo
    Oct 21, 2013 @ 20:04:29

    All valuable lessons to remember as you make your life better.
    And have a guy who is worth your time.


  3. Aussa Lorens
    Oct 21, 2013 @ 20:22:20

    So so so worth this little bit of UGH to get past him– He didn’t value or appreciate you, he was like a parasite that just took whatever he could get without giving anything back. It’s fine to be sad because you had legit feelings for him, but he wasn’t worth those feelings and you don’t owe him a damn thing. Keep your head up, it only gets better from here!


  4. merbear74
    Oct 21, 2013 @ 20:44:55

    Keep it up..you are a really smart girl..you got this..


    • overitblogdotcom
      Oct 21, 2013 @ 21:24:41

      I know mer,,just a moment of feeling sorry for myself. I just went back and read over my past posts,,,and I sure as hell don’t want to go back.
      Life isn’t easy right now but, in 3 weeks when I finally are moved into my own it will be easier.


  5. amb
    Oct 22, 2013 @ 13:18:01



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