Ohhhh,,,shit be goin down here,,,,,

and I have absolutely NOTHING to do with it!!!

I came home this afternoon checked the mail and “the man” has a letter here from the MTO aka Ministry of Transportation (same as the DMV in the states).

That’s no biggie,,,but it’s from the Driver Improvement Office.

Now,,,because I’m nosey,,,I had to google this and this is what I found click here —–> Driver Improvement Office

I’m particulary interested in the Medical Review Section.

Why you may ask???

Let  me tell you,,,”the man” was tested about a year ago for sleep apnea and was found to need a CPAP machine. Because he is “the man” and is indestructible,,,,and also cheap,,,he refused to purchase “said” machine’.

I know that HE knows, that the doctor’s office is legally obligated to report these kinds of diagnoses  to the MTO because HE told me (I knew this anyways but I digress). He is gonna be pissed that he is being told what to do and he can lose his driver’s license that he needs to get to work with.

It crossed my mind to text him that the letter is here,,,but he never answers my texts anyways. So, it shall be a nice little surprise for him. Should be a interesting evening.

Oh well not my problemo.




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