My Story Part 2

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When I started highschool, my mother started to work. She started to work for a cosmetic factory it was kind of cool for a teenage girl because she brought home lots of samples.

Sometime along the way,,,she started to drink, I didn’t really notice but it must of been progressive. Her drink of choice still till this day is Rum and Coke,,,there is always a large bottle of Rum in the lower right cupboard in the kitchen and endless 2 litre bottles of diet cola in the fridge.

My parents started to fight ALL the time. I think my dad might of had a small affair during this time as well, because one day alone at home the phone rang and the woman on the other end of the line asked for my dad, and then told me to let him know that she had called. I left a note beside the phone,,,I never heard of it again. Now that I think of it,,my mother always got home before him and she would of seen the message.

I remember many times lying in bed, wishing that my parent’s would just get a divorce so that the yelling would finally stop.

That never happened.

Now that I am older,,,,I realize that my parents never really supported me. I don’t remember my parents coming to any of my school plays or orchestra assemblys. They were never present for any extra curricular activities, or sporting events (when I did get enrolled for a sporting activity it always ended with me having to drop out for lack of funds). When I graduated high school I graduated with a High School Diploma, and a College Degree in Dental Assisting and even for that they weren’t present. In fact,,,I never even had graduation pictures done because there wasn’t money and I had to borrow a friends sister’s dental uniform because again there wasn’t any money for these things. But,,,there was always Rum and Coke.

Geez,,,I wonder why I always struggle with the feeling of not being worthy,,,,hmmmm….

From a quite ugly duckling in middle to school, I became a blossoming young woman in high school. I had few girlfriends, but was well liked with the boys. I dated many boys,,,but I wasn’t a tart.

I met my first husband in Grade 11 and we married the October after I graduated highschool……..


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  1. El Guapo
    Sep 16, 2013 @ 13:02:58

    It’s good to sort out the things that make us who we are. It makes it easier to recognize, if not control reactions to what comes next…


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