The car dilemma

I think part of mine and bf’s problem is the lack of me not having a car, so I can go out and about to do whatever I feel.

You all know my “original” plan was to buy a new car with some of the money that I get from my student loan when it comes up in Oct, and how now that has changed.

My main concern is that if I do decide to move out, I won’t be able to afford at the beginning rent (it’s very costly here for even a 1bdrm apt around $1,000/month) a car payment and my exorbidant car insurance payment*

But, I think I may have a solution!

This weekend bf made the suggestion that it would probably be better that when I get my “used” car**  For us to register it under his name, so that we can put it under his car insurance and I can be listed as a secondary driver, therefore giving me a smaller car insurance payment.


I know this seems a bit mean, but for me it’s a win, win.

On one hand I will have a car to get around to work, and get around therefore, bf and I will get the space we both need. We both agree that we spend WAAYYY to much time together. I’m the kinda gurl that likes to go out and have lunch down by the lake or to just go for a drive, and he is a big, big homebody who is very happy to putter around the house and property.

And on the other hand, if things go south between us,,,I can simply walk away without the burden of car and insurance payments until I am financially able to afford them.

Anyways onto day to day news:

This week at school I have to take a mandatory stupid typing course,,,,it’s literally a “how to type” course, it’s 25 lessons and I got it half done yesterday. When I asked the instructor what do I do if I get it done before friday,,her response was,,,,”stretch it out because I need to be there everyday till friday,,,,grrrrrr,,,total money grab I tell ya.

Sooooo,,,,since I am totally tapped out on fundage, I shall be using the school’s time and internet service to look for a part time job.

P.S. I totally hate, hate Rogers internet,,,,,we live out in the country and wireless internet has not reached where we are yet, so we have been using a rocket stick and today it has been kicking me off repeatedly,,,,I hate you stupid Rogers!!!

*About a year and a half ago I suffered a severe bout of depression and let my car ins lapse without knowing that it wasn’t paid,,,got caught by the po po, got charged, fought it in court,,,,got off with a small fine,,,but it still affects my rate.

**I was going to get a new car,,,but have revised my plans to get a moderately priced used one, until I find a well paying job.


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  1. El Guapo
    Aug 20, 2013 @ 14:59:05

    Definitely a better idea to get a decent car as opposed to a new one until you’re in a better spot.


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